30 December 2009

toast to you, toast to me

where would you spend your ideal new year's eve? i think i'd like to attend a swanky party here...and yeah... i think i'd wear vintage.

29 December 2009

goings on

{our new home}

{our new sheets}

{christmas in asheville}

{christmas in asheville part II}

22 December 2009

new year's dress

do you have one? i don't, but i want this one. i think it would be perfect.

on a different note, our furniture arrives today, in OUR NEW HOUSE! it is adorable, i love it, and we even have a perfectly sized fenced in frances yard. now all we need is a name for the house, because i don't think i like living in structures that aren't properly named.

{dress, dvf, via shopbob}

17 December 2009

paper powerhouse

there's just something fascinating about architects... i mean, these are people who create art that shelters us. obviously it's not all good art but let's just push those tract homes aside for now and talk about someone legit. the lovely shigeru ban creates these super fab structures out of paper! if you love architecture and you love paper, you will love this stuff! i know i do.

image found {here}. rad book found {here}.

you really must watch this.

i should warn you though, had mas not been sitting next to me, and had i not eaten two of the best pieces of pizza i have had in a very long while, i might have cried. who knew bubble wrap could be heart wrenching? video by way of metcalf loves you.

16 December 2009

my new favorite beer.

first i must preface this post with this : i have not actually tried this beer. but i don't care, i love it all the same. any micro-brew called the duck rabbit is a friend of mine ... especially with their cute little logo.

while we were away ...

frances and i made a trip yesterday, a trip to asheville to see my parents and take advantage of a house completely decorated for christmas. i am here to bake and she is here to absorb all of the attention (and food) that she doesn't get when she isn't around her grandparents. its been quite fun.

a sneak peek into the holiday goodies my mom and i are preparing together (in her multiple ovens and with her most amazing array of kitchen gadgets) :

-chocolate chip cookies (duh)
-chocolate macarons (hoping)
-cranberry scones
-parmesan scallion scones
-apricots soaked in cardamom syrup (despite the fact that we could not actually obtain green cardamom pods we are improvising)

i might leave asheville a good 5 lbs heavier than i arrived. oh the joy of the holidays.

oh and i forgot to mention the most important part of our time away. mas may have secured us a home ... an actual little house with a circle drive (umm .. sort of) and a big yard for the frances. we might even be able to move in this weekend. happy christmas to us!

{frances stole an early christmas present that might be a tad large}

14 December 2009

long over due

i must admit, i have been sitting on the updated images for the cevd website for a couple of weeks now. what can i say? nothing i know. but here is a sneak peek of what is to come on the site in about a week.

{the rsvp and envelope from the most wonderful mrs.kellie's wedding}

{a papel inspired paper set}

ps - isn't ashley the sweets? i am so happy to have her around, and you guys ... she is on blog duty every thursday! yay!

{all photo styling by chelsea who has a pretty amazing tartan table on the blog right this minute, and all photos by lisa warninger ... duh, who else would i trust with my pieces?}

10 December 2009

thursday at the shop

well hello. please allow me to introduce myself. my name is ashley {ajb}, and I am the lucky girl in charge of cevd's flagship shop in los alamos while she and mas are out searching for the perfect abode in nc. if any of you lovely readers are in the area please do stop by to say hello in person.

just a side note meant to entice you all to visit me at the shop... it's raining! i am loving it and if you were here, you would love it too. it doesn't happen very often in this area so when it does, i get absolutely giddy. any day where one can dress like the morton salt girl is a good one in my book.

09 December 2009

um, well, yeah

here i was talking about being back in the swing of things and then the weirdest thing happened ... we moved to our second temporary lodging location only to find that THEY DON'T PROVIDE INTERNET ACCESS. what the hell? who doesn't have at least ethernet cords?? i'm not picky i don't NEED wifi, even if i like it the best, but no internet at all?!

anyway, we are still hunting for our house ... the first one fell through ... something about a better offer? i don't know who wouldn't want mas and me to live in their childhood home (aka super cute house), we are the ideal tenants for cute houses! we love cute houses. what better offer could there be?!

+ happy wednesday, i got you some balloons. very, very cool balloons. {via flickr} it is wednesday right?

07 December 2009

assuming we have a kitchen

our holidays have been different this year. we spent thanksgiving in chicago waiting for our cars' (yes both of them) windows to be repaired (chicago+public lot+downtown+cars filled with stuff+out of state plates+three days sitting =prime break in condition) and then had a grocery store turkey dinner ... a nice grocery store mind you ... but not nearly home cooked. now it seems as though we will be sans home* for christmas as well. this makes the whole gifting situation kinda tricky for us. you see a couple of years ago we decided to forgo the regular wrapped goods and went instead in the direction of baked yumminess from our own kitchen. it works incredibly well especially since our families fall into the category of - we buy everything we want when we want it anyway making it practically impossible to buy for - and very few of them cook at all any more. so the home baked goodness is actually is seemingly perfect ... and it is so.much.fun. for me.

we are brainstorming for our boxes this year** and so far we have one not to be missed item. i don't think you will be surprised, and you should be excited, when i tell you that number one on the to bake/make list is chocolate-bacon-peanut bark. yeah, enough said. i know.

{recipe found here}

* we are heading to asheville to my parent's house for christmas so we aren't completely homeless, but we are living in a hotel until then so ...

** this is entirely dependent upon moving up to a hotel room with a kitchen, which we need, because i am DONE with meat and fried.

southern pines, north carolina.

i'm back, for a while, i think. you see we still are homeless but things are looking better than they were about a week ago. we found a house we adore, now we just have to play the waiting game ... which is my least favorite part. especially when it means that i am stuck with the same three sweaters and two pairs of shoes that are neither weather appropriate nor regular life appropriate (sue london ballet flats and vans with red hearts on them). no matter, i am thoroughly looking forward to the second christmas we will have once we finally receive all of our housewares. it will be a ton of fun.

{the house we are hoping for, isn't it a delight??}

for now though we are living in a limited wardrobe while wandering the area. and when i say the area you should know that i am not speaking of fayetteville exactly but more southern pines. we found a tiny town that reminds us of where we grew up and we think we might be incredibly happy there. and they have a fresh market, which isn't the whole foods/trader joe's combo that we were hoping for, but hey let's face it, in a small city in the south we are lucky to have anything other than a food lion.

oh and did i mention the fried pickles? and the cute little ice cream shop that was more than willing to add a dollop of eggnog ice cream to my coffee while recommending a local pizza and thai place? people are so nice in the south. how in the world did i forget that?

27 November 2009

now that thanksgiving is over...

{reindeer postcard by tutti studio available here}

20 November 2009

until january ...

we are off. but we will be back.

ps - pictures of our road trip will be on twitter!

{image found here}

17 November 2009

i've only ever had 1 iphone case

and it was so pretty ... but not very useful. every time i dropped my phone the case would break or crack. so in the end, it was COVERED in wood glue. which made it, well, not so pretty. anyway i am a pretty staunch believer in the naked iphone (hello beautiful product design) but i do understand that phones are dropped places they really shouldn't be (some more than others) and therefore need some kind of cushion*. so if you are one of THOSE people that insists on covering up the prettiest phone in existence, then might i suggest one of these?

that's right, threadless is making covers, and pretty cool ones at that. so if you must ... please do it prettily.

*i've had my phone since day 1 of the iphone and it still works ... though there are some gashes in the metal and the corners are all dinged up. i drop my phone a lot ... even in frances' water bowl once ... threw it in rice for an hour and it was back to new. so you can't tell me cushion is necessary.

16 November 2009

i kinda want these

is that wrong?

{moustache earrings - giles and brother - here}

oh so pretty

{by paper artist jo neville, found here}

12 November 2009

new in the shop ... almost

i'll be updating etsy later today, but these lovelies can also be found in our los alamos store (because so many of you live here).

11 November 2009

things i am going to miss : part 3

for the first time in, um, 8 or 9 years i am going to be more than a 20 minute drive to a beach, which shouldn't bother me because i never really actually fancied myself a beach person. but thinking about it now, well, it kinda scares me a little (in one those pre-move stress induced states). and i know frances and mas will be quite sad to have to drive over an hour for some sand and salt water*.

*ok, ok, so chicago wasn't exactly on the ocean, but have you been there and seen the lake? it creates it's own weather and the beaches are packed during the summer, so yeah, it counts.

10 November 2009

things i am looking forward to : part 2

sunrise biscuit kitchen. we will be about an hour away but something tells me that won't stop us from spending many a hour in the raleigh/chapel hill area. this makes me smile. oh and so does bbq and so does sweet tea (did i mention that before?).

{ps my lame north carolina ass only found out about the above mentioned biscuit kitchen by way of wide open spaces ... i'm from WESTERN north carolina, i never really traveled east except for field hockey camp and there were no biscuits at field hockey camp. and on that note we would gladly be accepting any and all recommendations for eastern nc}

things i am going to miss : part 2

in-n-out. do i really have to say anything more?

{photo taken at dinner last night ... cheesburger animal style ... erm same with the fries only minus the cheese ... and mas and i SPLIT the fries, which makes it almost not bad, sort of.}

09 November 2009

things i am looking forward to : part 1

rain boots. remember everything i said earlier? well it can all be negated by the fact that i can finally justify a pair of hunter boots. i've wanted a some for ages, but it just did not seem like a good way to spend the dollars. but now, with a rainy season, i think that is all going to change.

now all i have to do is settle on a color ... hmmm.

{silver pair found here}

things i am going to miss : part 1

when we moved to california i remember a friend telling me that my shoe options would be ridiculously greater because of the lack of any kind of inclement weather. and you know what? she was absolutely right. it doesn't snow and has rained a total of maybe 4 times since we have been residents. in fact the only thing that has ever really come in to play while picking out my shoes has been how much sand we might come in contact with. so life has been good for my ballet flats and suede boots.

but now we are going south, where it rains and even snows a little bit. the temperatures will be colder in the winter (no flats - or heels for that matter - without socks) and warmer in the summer (goodbye flip-flops ... if my feet get even a little bit warm flip flops will destroy them with blisters). so while i think i might still have to have these :

i did manage to step away from these while shopping in santa barbara last week. i mean really i am getting ready to go to winterland, i DO NOT need any more sandals ... right?

{ps - there is nothing on the first page of notcouture today that i don't wantinmyclosetrightnow}

06 November 2009

i've got big news ... mammoth big

mas and i are moving. there i said it. we will no longer (at least for the time being) be residents of the west coast. in 13 days we will be putting the press in the prius (at least i think so) and heading east ... far east ... like east coast east. well southern east coast ... as in north carolina ... as in fayetteville, north carolina.

we are moving for his job, which we knew was coming, but only found out about two weeks ago that it would be so soon (we had our bets waged on the summertime). so, needless to say we have been a bit crazy as of late. but things are looking up ... mas now has his number one dream job, and i finally had to hire someone to help out ... who turns out is the loveliest of ladies. she will go by ajb, you will meet her, and you will like her, i just know it.

so for the next week and a half i'm going to devote my blog to a bit of what i will miss, and then a bit of what i am looking forward to, maybe most of which will be my monthly trips back to ca ... bi-coastal kind of? that sounds so fancy. well that and bbq i am so looking forward to the bbq. frances also enjoys the idea of being within 5 hours of her grandparents, she loves them, maybe the best.

{picture of an animatronic 2/3 size wolly mammoth and then actual size skeleton taken on my most fun jaunt with esb this past weekend}

05 November 2009

today's high : 70

which means i have fall/winter clothing on the mind. besides a pair of short cowboy boots (in grey), and maybe over the knee boots, the number one thing i have found myself lusting after is a nice big, cozy sweater. something i can curl my whole body into if need be.

{line alice cardigan, mcq hooded cardigan, jen kao chunky knit}

04 November 2009

new from the studio

you guys, i just did my first baby shower invite and kinda had a blast. i mean, when else can you use bunting (i still really, really, really love bunting) and elephants and a smattering of different blues/greens?

remember when i said...

that the black toe on the plaid woolrich converse kinda bugged me? i was being quite serious, really i was. but for some reason, the same is not true with these lanvin's. hmmmm. quite curious if you ask me.

i think it is the patent shiny loveliness that is winning me over.

02 November 2009

woolrich and converse

woolrich is making a comeback apparently. i think i like, but i'm just not sure, that black toe is really throwing me.

{available here and here}

j.crew and ribbons

i can't help myself. j.crew, i like you. very, very much.

{ribbon jacket + ribbon pullover}

30 October 2009

halloween part II

there simply are no words.

{go here to see the entire post about parker's costume, it will be the best five minutes of your day, via her mom me melodia & esb}


this morning i had a chai and a pumpkin spice muffin. for lunch it was lentil soup. for dinner i think we will head over to flatbread for one of many fantastic fall options. and then after we gorge ourselves we are heading to our first halloween party in what seems like ages. the costumes have not been decided, which is slightly worrisome, but this is how it goes for us.

have happy weekends enjoying the fall and/or the halloween festivities ... you know if you aren't a curmudgeon.

{image found here}

29 October 2009

my new carry all?

i'm not really sure i'm ever going to part with my canvas los alamos bag, which holds everything AND groceries, but i'm tempted to consider this one for things like, um, travel?

{found on refinery 29}

28 October 2009

it's ok my dear

i think it would be nice to have a few of these in my pretty much non-existent arsenal of ridiculous hair pieces. i really, really want an arsenal of ridiculous hair pieces because when i say ridiculous i mean fabulous.

{it's ok my dear available here with more information here - and by more information i mean a link to her clothing}

it is maybe that time

you know, the time where little things start sticking for different reasons, gift giving reasons and nearly holiday time reasons. i love the holidays. the brisk weather and even more, the ridiculous amount of delicious food. this next month is maybe my FAVORITE month of the year, with the following month coming in at maybe 3rd ... though maybe second, depending on what mood you catch me in. any way, i've started to think of things that people i like might want, and also have started a wee list of my own. it is wee, mostly i would just like snow, but since i can't really ask for something like that i would happily take something like this :

yes a visual dictionary of curiosities. honestly i could think of nothing better ... ever. and an octopus on the cover ... my next set of cards is illustrated with an octopus.

this is on the list as well.

{found via unruly things, available here}

26 October 2009

last weekend

we had a surprisingly not fall like weekend ... surfing saturday morning, which was, well cold. but also fun, and i think i managed to stand up once or twice before my feet turned into ice cubes. i would hands down go for another little adventure, maybe with neoprene booties though ... and a hood, yes definitely a hood.

then there were a few happy celebrations (hello one year of marriage!! for us and some friends).

and the meeting of a pretty fantastic emilia.

over all it was lovely, and very hot here (90 degrees YUCK). but i've decided it is about time i should embrace this weather we have, because one day i will find myself back in a world with seasons and i am sure i will then yearn for at least a little of this non-weather weather.

{fall leaves found here}

23 October 2009

this weekend

mas went surfing for the first time ever last weekend and he is itching to go again. he swears i will not notice the cold water, i am hesitant. but he got me a surfboard and a wetsuit so i guess i'm going, tomorrow morning, before work, when it is cold both in and out of the water.

{image found here}

22 October 2009

pass it along

cevd is hiring! if you or someone you know appreciates paper, doesn't mind retail sales, and is dying to work in los alamos* (you guys the bull above lives in los alamos and he is so sweet! you can feed him carrots and apples and celery) then it would be best to contact me, christine, at the following email address : christine@cevd.com.

*i'll speak to those that are merely willing to work in los alamos as well.

21 October 2009

alice ritter

this girl steals my heart with every one of her collections.

it all started about four years ago when i came across (and refused to let go of) a delightful houndstooth suit type thing with a red(ish) poofy kind of sleeve button down. i pull the tops out of my closet to stare at them every once in a while. they make me ridiculously happy.

{images above from her SS10 collection by way of refinery29}