30 June 2009

more shoes

while i might be over gladiator sandals (before i was ever able to fully embrace them and i am still on the fence as to whether or not i think that is sad) i am not over these. i might go and pay them a visit in real life today, or maybe that will be too painful. i haven't decided, but either way they are truly drool worthy.

{sigerson morrison slash flat booties available here}

29 June 2009


yeah, it is about that time. i would *really* like to purchase a new pair of sneakers. and being in new york and having the days free to wander aimlessly (well minus the work i need to do) isn't helping this urge at all.

and how bout these? um yes. not white, which while i really want i can't handle the brightness when new and the dirtiness when old, but still pale and a killer purple sole. um ok. perhaps they will be my birthday present to myself? a month early?

{zuriick sneakers available in a plethora of colors and styles here}

our new house

so we are moving, i think. it gets a little complicated and there are some nasties involved, but that is hardly the point, i mean i have already picked out a color for the bedroom walls ... so you know ... it better work out.

anyway we are downsizing significantly which means giving the big heave ho to all of the things that have been sitting in dark corners un-used for who knows how long (woohoo!). and it also means no guest room. but there is a lot of very pretty flat land and one spot in particular that mas and i were thinking would be perfect for a guest tent - who needs a room when you can have a tent?! then while over on frolic! i found these tents and kinda started thinking ...

{tent by beckel canvas products}

25 June 2009

i'm having a hard time getting back in to the swing of things

in case you hadn't noticed ...

maybe it was the lack of internet, or the fact that i wasn't exactly one for serious amounts of exercise and then i blasted myself last week. whatever it is i seem to have a meandering mind that makes it impossible to get anything of any substance done.

ah well. hopefully this will improve with time.

anyway ... did you see this little guy on design*sponge today? i fell hard for him...HARD.

{lovely by olivia mew ... etsy shop ... blog}

24 June 2009

just wear ruffles

lots and lots of ruffles. and i think a suggestion for everyone else attending the wedding to wear ruffles might not be a bad idea either.

{photo from sweet monday photography via 100 layer cake}

23 June 2009

tim burton and alice

have you heard? or maybe you have seen these pictures? i cannot wait. tim burton anything tops my list (especially since johnny depp is frequently included) but tim burton and alice in wonderland and johnny depp and anne hathaway. dear me, i might not be able to wait. but then i must.

{found here}

i'm back, it was fun

and despite the fact that i look like an uber-dork, i would do it all again. six days on a bike and my knees and bottom did get a wee bit angry with me. but i also saw a lot of pretty things (including snow ... i LOVE snow) and grover even got a slight makeover (yay new seat and handlebars!). now that i am back in the real world i have a lot of catch up to do. this morning was spent cleaning out my inbox and now off to work that was sadly neglected when i couldn't quite muster the energy after four to six hours of pedeling.

back to normal tomorrow with wedding wednesday! hooray.

10 June 2009

i'm on my way

or at least i'm trying to be. there is a smidgen of a delay leaving phoenix, but i suppose that is to be expected while flying ... or at least it is if you are flying with me.

{photo found here}

09 June 2009

yes please

hello new favorite food blog. and i mean it. vosges has been a favorite of mine since practically stalking that chocolate while living in chicago. there was NEVER a moment in our household when there wasn't at least one vosges product lurking in our cabinets. everything they make is out of this world and that bacon chocolate bar is maybe my favorite EVER.

anyway check out the blog started by the lady who started this chocolate heaven. you won't be disappointed. and you should know, the next weekend i am home i am making chocolate bacon pancakes, eating them all, and then quickly heading back to bed. ohhhhh i cannot wait!

08 June 2009

over the weekend

it was a very good weekend. one of those that flies by because every second is accounted for ... but not all of those seconds (not even most of them) were given up to mandatory things. for example saturday started with a trip to the farmer's market, a breakfast of huevos rancheros (yum), a mad clean up of the house so we could show it to perspective renters, and finally dinner and the us soccer game.

then yesterday my oh so caring husband insisted i get some bike time at altitude. mas is highly concerned with my ability to acclimate*. it is sweet, and makes me smile. anyway since the prius was in the shop with some ridiculous brake problem we had to take the fancy car. and well you see, we use our prius as truck and our fancy car is one of those where the top folds down and there is a pretend back seat .. not meant for the hauling of anything bigger than say golf clubs.

but we used our geometry skills and ended up with two bikes in the wee back and about four hours of hair blowing in the wind. the bike ride was lovely, if not a bit more difficult than my norm, and a fair send off to dear grover who is now on her way to boulder, co. then we stopped at the burger barn located in a town of about 500. it was interesting and not too shabby.

all in all it was a pretty good time, and now i just have a million things to do before i leave on wednesday.

* about two years ago we drove from chicago to the grand canyon and on our way stopped in keystone for a few days of biking etc with mas' parents. the first day we arrived i was on my ass. as in headache, nausea, and basically bed ridden. i blame it on being in horrible physical shape and not drinking nearly enough water ... all of our subsequent trips have been fine, but he keeps thinking about that one time.

05 June 2009

it's not too late

you can still celebrate national doughnut day. hooray for round bits of fried dough that are covered in sugar and various other scrumptious toppings. i can't believe i didn't know about this. thank you dear for informing me.

um, now go get a doughnut ... or 6. i bought 6 myself and received a bag full of free doughnut holes in order to celebrate the occasion. i immediately came home and popped those doughnut holes in the microwave for about 7 seconds and then continued to eat *almost* straight from the glaze machine yeast doughnut holes. wheeee!

{picture found here by way of the now defunct but still oh so fabulous cupcake blog }

ok, it should be working for safari now.

one would think that me being a mac person attempting to use a mac program for the new website would insure workings on mac browsers, but apparently that was not the case. however, thanks to a bit of help from helper one and helper two i think all things are a go. *crossing fingers*

so thank you for being patient, and in honor of the new site finally working i am extending a 20% discount on all custom paper products until the fourth of july. yay! so just send me an email or give me a ring (contact info available here) and we can chat away.

i've been wanting

a pair of birkenstocks like this lady's for a while now. i don't know why i hesitate (i mean besides the obvious not spending any money part) because i know the will be super comfy and last forever ...

so while i am dreaming and adding to the list of things to buy when funds suddenly become available i am thinking these, or these, or maybe these.

{image from the sartorialist}

04 June 2009

excuse me, you have roses in your teeth.

or maybe honey, or perhaps pumpkin pudding? had i known there was such an array of toothpaste flavoring out there i would have been testing long ago.

{found here}

i love

this series, by this photographer, who also shot this campaign.

03 June 2009

and then since we are on the topic of new websites ...

mine is up and running! and seeing as though i do actually design wedding invitations i figured the update would coincide quite nicely with wedding wednesday (though i am begining to feel a bit weird about the lack of dresses). so take a gander ... and check back because unlike my old site, this one is actually easy to update so there will be new stuff posted on a decently regular basis ... yay!

{oh and i must say thank you to chelsea fuss and lisa warninger who continue to make my life ...and website... prettier and happier. i love pretty pictures}

let us start with once wed

because the new site is up and i gotta say i kinda love it. there are a ton of real weddings and diy projects that will take up a decent chunk of your time, and the inspiration galleries aren't too shabby either.

02 June 2009

i'm on my bike a lot these days

when i am not peddling away i am either frantically getting everything together and organized so that when i don't have access to my computer in 10 days for 10 days* my clients don't grow concerned or i am on my ass exhausted...literally. i am putting in a ton of miles and sometimes when i get home all i can do is make it to the bed. this leaves little left for blogging so it is going to be pretty light (or at best completely random) coverage until late june. and when the going gets really tough i will just tweet it all (praise iphones and tweetie for keeping me connected).

*word is the people that take our luggage DON'T take laptops, however my mother in law is very persuasive and it wouldn't surprise me if she convinced someone to hand carry it from place to place for me - she works magic she does - so hopefully i will have access. honestly i don't know what i will do if i don't...

{photo found here}

i want to live here

we are kind of in the process of looking for a new place to rest our heads and cook our dinners and i am hoping to come across something like this.

unfortunately this kind of amazingness either doesn't exist in our area or it is WAY out of our price range. a girl can dream though, can't she?

picture by ngoc minh ngo found on wide open spaces.

01 June 2009

ballerina, chanel

my childhood dream of becoming a ballerina never exactly panned out. (i guess a class or two would have helped me along the way) but i am still obsessed with tutu's ... and feathers which by this point you should know. anyway ... can a tutu be any better than the one designed by karl lagerfeld for elena glurdjidze? i don't think so.

more images here and then a pleasant little video here (though you must scroll down a bit to 05/27/09 to see it).

Vania & the Master

Forget from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

found here. by them.

oh my ...

this girl is my idol. you must look around her site. you must. (ps - her name is jessica hische and she has a blog too)