29 May 2009

someone really should buy this

the color is fantastic and i would, but i can't. so you should ...

click here to see more images/purchase a fantastic yellow dress. i have such a weakness for yellow dresses, i want a closet full.

thinking about

investing in a pair of false eyelashes. why you ask? because who doesn't need rainbows on their eyes?

i NEED a stampede for my wall

NEED. did you guys see this diy project on design sponge from the lovely ann wood? jaw on the floor. house full of empty walls. a million projects never seen to completion .... i think i'm in.

28 May 2009

keeping it simple

it is hard to do in a world filled with amazing flowers and more amazing bits and bops of various motley, but honestly a pared down table is unbeatable.

{1. chelsea fuss, 2. jose villa, 3/4. sunday suppers}

27 May 2009


so it turns out today is wednesday and not tuesday (damn you monday holidays) and in case you didn't notice, i completely and totally spaced on the wedding posts. so ... expect them tomorrow. i promise.

photo found here.

daisuke hiraiwa

plastic spoons as chandelier .. i'm in lust.

by london based japanese designer daisuke hiraiwa. found here.

26 May 2009

mokuba ribbon

i have always been a midori kind of girl when it comes to ribbon, well i also kinda hover around these, but when i came across mokuba ribbon while frolicking through kate's paperie i maybe, just maybe, found a new favorite. this line is HARD to find via the interwebs but this is a pretty good resource.

my favorite ribbon, which was actually more of a lace (see below), isn't available through that outpost but kate's carries it if you are in the neighborhood.

skipping monday is my favorite thing.

so i'm back along with mas and frances. it was a wonderful trip, and honestly i cannot believe that it is over. there was the NSS, which oh so beautiful paper provides pretty good overview of, then maine for a quick trip to say happy birthday to my brother, which was just so lovely, and on down to north carolina for the bbq and some family time, oh my it was just so wonderful in asheville - green and lush and FILLED with trees. i miss it already...

but now on to things that i found while away ... because honestly there was a lot. first up ... dunderdon. my mom and i happened upon this shop while wandering around and both of us fell in love with the simple fabrics and ridiculous attention to detail. dunderdon was started by a sweedish carpenter who was focused on design and construction. the line isn't huge but every piece is perfect. oh and their boys clothing is wonderful.

22 May 2009

happy friday!

you guys, i am in heaven. i am constantly forgetting just how pretty the city i grew up in is. i mean i am absolutely surrounded by trees and flowers and mountains and birds. i cannot believe this is how i am finishing my whirlwind 10 days of east coastieness. and ... the best part ... mas + frances are arriving in two hours!!!! i haven't seen mas in three weeks ... geez that is a long time.

anyway tomorrow is THE bbq (site courtesy of my dad) ... and then it is back to the left coast (and regular posting) starting monday. i am going to be sad to say goodbye to all of the trees.

i hope everyone has a more than lovely weekend.

{photo of asheville via this flickr stream}

20 May 2009

dresses, REALLY PRETTY dresses

while walking like a mad woman in new york i happened upon a store that drew me in with such force i am surprised i was able to leave. it was full of glorious, beautiful dresses. and right then and there i knew that if i could have a re-do i absolutely would (ummm how many times have i said that now? apparently i have a thing for fancy white dresses). anyway morgane le fay makes ridiculously amazing dresses out of ridiculously amazing fabrics and they aren't priced out of this world ... if you are talking the wedding world, which i am. the one above called to me from about 100 feet and took some serious power on my mom's part (my best shopping companion) to chisel out of my hands. thoughts of me walking frances on the beach covered in barely pink feathers were dancing in my head and i was liking what i was seeing. anyway the dress would be much more appropriate for some other occasion i.e a wedding so if anyone is looking i say there is much finding at morgane le fay.

16 May 2009

it's not that i don't like you ...

it's just that i am in new york for the national stationery show (also for eating fantastic pizza and even better cake). and then after new york it is off to maine, and then after maine i'm heading down south to north carolina so the blogging might be, um, well, a little lighter than normal (or just non-existent). however i do have a minor obsession with twitter, so feel free to come and follow me on my east coast adventure. it will be fun, i promise.

14 May 2009


i have some cheese in the fridge that really should be consumed before i leave for my trip and then my mom sent me this article this morning which pretty much sealed the deal ... once i start craving toasted bread and melted cheese there is very rarely any going back.

{photo found here}

virginia johnson

this ever so wonderful scarf arrived i my mailbox last week and isn't it WONDERFUL? i just died when i saw it i love, love, love it. elephants? um yes. surprise gift? um yes. wow i am one lucky girl.

oh and maybe the second best part of receiving this scarf ... the discovery of virginia johnson, her textile are fabulous. i love them all. i am even thinking of having my friend, the dress maker, make me a little something from pink hydrangea and grey racing (as in together on the same dress ... i might be crazy but it might be perfect). that is once i am back to buying clothing - i seem to be on a not exactly panned hiatus, which means there is all of a sudden a ton of stuff that i am just dying to have ... oh yeah and a trip to new york coming up in ONE DAY!!!

13 May 2009

special dresses

like this one ...

or this one ...

and maybe even this one ...

can be found and even customized to you and for you for that little event one calls a wedding (or i guess anything else for that matter) at a lovely little place in la. why is it that i find all of this fantastic goodness after my wedding?

***oh and i really should have mentioned that the designer of these dresses is vicente villarin, and you can see more of her work here. oopsy sorry about that i was in such a rush to schedule this post i was a bad blogger. i promise i will try my hardest to not let it happen again.


to start wedding wednesday this week i would like to send you over to peonies so that you might read he wonderful re-cap of her wonderful wedding. i wish i had the grasp of language that she does ... but alas that is just not the case.

{and yes that is her picture of one of her beloved bunnies .... found here}

12 May 2009

coming soon

i have been working on updating my website for about a week now and i just realized that an update is not the only thing in order. after trying to simply replace my so-so images with the fantastic ones from my lisa warninger/chelsea fuss dream team i realized it would just not do the images justice. so i am taking the rest of the day and devoting it entirely to site redesign ... again. good news is the deadline is thursday night at mid-night. bad news is both frances and grover (did you know that is what i named my bike? she's a girl ... don't let the name fool you) will hate me because it is GORGEOUS outside and only a wee bit windy. i promise to make it up to them after i get back from the east coast ...


i don't usually use that word to describe anything except for weather but when i clicked through a tweet by this lady and saw these shoes i couldn't imagine using any other word. though i must say if i had the amount of cash to pony up for these beauties i would also have a couch in my living room ... or maybe i wouldn't i mean they are freaking fantastic.

keetra dean dixon

love this, want this hanging on our wall by the front door ... you know as a reminder.

and check out the rest of her goods on her site ... so amazing.

11 May 2009

my collection is missing

vintage pyrex! i don't have a single piece and i think that needs to change. it is so pretty and so much fun and so not tupperware (although they don't come with tops so i am thinking that might not be a fair comparison). anyway what do you think?

{pretty pyrex via simple vintage via paper-n-stitch}

may flowers

sale at ban.do! scurry, faster, i imagine the goods won't last forever.

i have a secret ... or maybe two

first. sometimes i hide from the internet. hence my recent absence.

second. i love potatoes in my pasta. i do and it is an obsession. i started throwing the yummy chunks of goodness into my papperdelle a few months ago when i realized i NEEDED a ton more carbs than normal and, well it just stuck. above is my dinner from the other night. pasta, spinach, roasted potatoes and leeks, and brie. oh yum.

07 May 2009

modge podge

i saw this before and after on design sponge and decided i was going to do something similar. we have the horrendously ugly (but also quite cool) brown samsonite suitcase that would be used* if it wasn't such a gross color. so apparently i am going on a hunt for wallpaper and also modge podge. i guess the hunt for the latter will be easier, but still makes me nervous as i have never used that stuff. i imagine this project will take place this weekend so pictures might be in the future.

*use as in look pretty somewhere in our house because honestly it is a pretty poor suitcase.

06 May 2009


the dress, the shoes, the happiness. go check out some more images on once wed.

{found via frolic}


we didn't have a wedding cake because mas and i are kinda hard core dessert people and honestly, we have never had a piece of wedding cake that we would have bought if we were say just out to buy a cake. how could we in good conscious serve our favorite people in the entire world something that looked pretty but was just mediocre in taste? we couldn't. so we had four small cakes made by people we love and things turned out so well.

HOWEVER, if we had been getting married anywhere near brooklyn we would have forgone the making of the cakes in order to have one made by these guys. baked offers wedding cakes and i can't imagine anything more scrumptious, i mean have you ever made one of their recipes? or by chance swung by for a cupcake? (i haven't been by but it is so on the list for my new york trip) anyway if you aren't in the new york area, i say grab the cook book and make your own (mas and i made our chocolate cake and well it was fantastic).

05 May 2009

fonts in bloom

if i had handwriting that i actually liked i would be all about turning it into a font. but i don't so i won't. however i still like the idea. and i think it is a pretty rad way to do invitations (so much more personal than helvetica or georgia). so if you are one of those luckies that has enviable handwriting perhaps you could send me your letters and i could have them made in to a font? you know so i can improve my own handwriting.

for more information go to fonts in bloom's website here.

04 May 2009

i kinda love these glasses and am really wanting to darken my hair.

{from garance doré}

01 May 2009

oh oh oh, it is finally friday

so i think a celebration is in order, they type that involves mojitos. as soon as mas gets home and i finish my work i am plucking some leaves from our new mint plant and making them. then a night of catch up followed by a mini road trip. we are off to la because mas is leaving on a jet plane so he can spend two weeks in alabama learning all sorts of tactical wonders. what is a girl to do? get some work done ... hopefully.

have a lovely weekend my dears.

{photo from flickr}

happy may day

last night mas and i had strawberries for dessert. (i picked them up fresh from the farmers market, along with a lot of honey and some of the best pitas ever) we paired them with tequila whipped cream that was sweetened with honey. tequila whipped cream has been a favorite of mine for a while but the honey was a new twist and i should tell you ... it was heavenly.

to make it on your own grab some whipping cream, a tablespoon or two of tequila (unless you are making an absurd amount of whipping cream this should suffice, however a bit more isn't necessarily a bad thing) and then about another tablespoon of honey. it is best to add both the honey and tequila while actually in the process of whipping so they don't clump up anywhere.