27 August 2010

summer IS turning into fall.

i've been up to my elbows in gold ink the past few days but that doesn't mean i haven't noticed the glorious morning AND evening temperatures. sure it still hovers in the 90's for the larger portion of the day, but the cooling down at night, well that gives me hope.

{two of the prettiest things i've seen on the internet today, 1. dadu shin 2. denise julia reytan via color collective}

24 August 2010

lunchbox series.

sandwiches, minimalist style. makes me want a pb&j, how about you?

{series by dan kenneally via, via}

23 August 2010


i need one, badly. it really is unfortunate that i'm on the opposite coast as my hair-cutter for the foreseeable future. that should change, like now.

{image by sandra freij via lund lund}

20 August 2010


maybe if i started to paint all of the sticks i can't stop collecting mas would let me keep them?

{most wonderful painted sticks by ginette lapalm, via}

19 August 2010

i need all three. i just do. it's maybe my favorite shirt ever, or at least for the fall.

{j.crew buffalo check boy shirt}

falling garden.

{via, via}

18 August 2010


i've found the replacement for my chucks. while i was briefly toying with the idea of the bensimon filling that gap, i've recently gone in a different direction.

with the one tiny exception of the dye ending up all over my feet (and when the weather cools i imagine all over my socks) i'm quite pleased with the purchase.

{superga black dyed canvas sneaker}

17 August 2010

tuesday. part II.

so it is august 17th and i have spent four nights in our house this month, FOUR. before august began i had planned one trip, a long weekend in chicago.

how four nights away turned into four night at home i have no idea. more to come in a little bit.

{1. surprise trip courtesey of mas 2. the three dresses i packed for ONE dinner (i was so close to going black until i remembered i was going to eat myself silly and ended up wearing the white one) 3. course number 12 and an all time fave at the previously mentioned dinner.}

10 August 2010


not friday, but tuesday. i can't decide if i am happy about the fact that the week is not yet over or utterly depressed. i'll go with happy, for now, since i'm not completely behind ... yet.

{image found here}

09 August 2010


she's been vacationing with her grandparents for the last week and we've missed her so. i'm picking her up this afternoon, i cannot wait.

{celia sent this to me half way through our separation. mas and i both went all misty eyed.}

06 August 2010

bald is coming back.

in fact, it is the new hotness .... my mother-in-law told me so.

{image via the dieline}

04 August 2010


when you announce it with a card like this i get a little excited (though mostly only for the card). and then you add lettra 220, i'm dying.

{birth announcement from mattson creative via notcot}

03 August 2010

the 48 dollar dress.

it's turning back into summer. over night our lovely, moderately humid, not very hot weather has disappeared and i've once again shelved my jeans. so now, in august, i'm toying with the idea of adding a slew of light airy dresses to the wardrobe because darlings, i just can't take it any more.

{48 dollar dresses all from need supply co. and ok the last one is 52 dollars, but that is close enough, no? 1, 2, 3, 4}

ditch the veil.

um, did you guys see this?

i'm seriously in love over here.

ps - it's wedding week over on frolic!. i love it when chelsea starts talking wedding.

{wedding dress via cherry blossom girl}

02 August 2010

summer's respite.

temperatures that did not go over 88. baby guinea hens running around our yard. fresh peach and blueberry ice cream. homemade in-n-out* (for realz, all of you ex-west coasters if you have not seen this, well, you must now). lawn mowing. windows open. air conditioning OFF. bike ride. the starting of true blood (yes, we're a little behind). adventureland. cleaning out that shit hole of a front room to the point where we can actually use it as a front room. carrot cantaloupe juice. chocolate chip cookies. sushi. laundry almost done. wearing of jeans. thunder storms. all in all it was a very good weekend.

*check out the article along with the recipe, i think i may have fallen in love with kenji alt a little bit this weekend. i mean the ketchup mayo ratio illustration would have done it alone, but dude, the burger rocked. my hero.