30 September 2010

we paper people should maybe pass these out free.

because the world (at least the american english speaking world) needs to figure this one out, like now.

{most excellent bag by sapling press available here}

28 September 2010

it was 80 hours.

it was 16 hours in a car, a stop over in connecticut, an introduction to fall.  it was our most favorite people having our tent set up when we arrived (ok not our tent obviously but a much bigger, sampley-er kind of tent).  it was our most favorite people and their friends having shiners waiting for us in the morning when we finally rolled out of our sleeping bags.  it was the constellations, eli "paperboy" reed, alberta cross, rubblebucket, dr. dog, the super secret project, ampm, adeem, the tan vampires, sean bones, the walkmen, !!!, and javelin (the last two being my faves though sean bones, dr. dog and adeem put up a good fight).  it was a party under a bridge, a ton of tents and sleeping next to a very calming river.  it was some sort of gluten-free concoction of deliciousness called buckle.  it was another 17 hours in the car (stupid rain) and three cheeseburgers in three days.  it was the catching up mas and i hadn't had in the two months since our last road trip and it was the seeing of our favorite people.  it was the nor'easter and it was wonderful. 

ps - fall has maybe hit eastern north carolina ... i say that with a fair amount of trepidation, but it's in the low 70's at the moment and it is noon.

27 September 2010

a weekend away.

well shit, if three days out of the house (two of them being honest to goodness WEEKEND days) can turn a monday into a day like today, then maybe next time i will just consider not coming home.  especially when home is rainy and i don't have boot nearly as amazing as those.

{image via}

23 September 2010

why don't we have two of these?

we tend to live in small places in small towns.  we don't like for things to get too big, it leaves too much to clean and too much that is never lived in.  so, what is the point?  that being said we also have four bikes between us, and if i had it my way it would be at least five*.  anyhow they all live out in the shed because we have nowhere inside to put them.  that could change.  our pretty bikes could be hanging on our walls under our pretty books or pretty flowers or pretty sculptures.  i like this very much. 

*two mountain bikes, two road bikes and i long for one of those cruisers everyone is talking about these days, unfortunately our small towns are not very bike lifestyle friendly.  they tend to be 20 miles from the grocery or in the south where people seem to want to kill you (just don't see you) if you are exercising in public.

{bike shelf by knife & saw via cool hunting}

22 September 2010

perhaps it's time to add another to the collection?

Fuji Instax 210 Wide Format Instant Camera at the Photojojo Store!

a little something i've been working on.

it's almost time to tell you exactly what these images are of, ALMOST!  the big day will be sometime during october, but for now, you should maybe get excited.  i mean i'm getting excited!  very, very excited.

21 September 2010

wall bubbles.

because the lack of indoor green we live with is starting to get to me.

{wall bubbles from flora grub gardens via poppytalk}

20 September 2010

happiness comes from a neckline or a shoulder harness.

and not from a kind of, not exactly what i wanted, really that is a what you call a trim(?!), haircut.  it's back to a bun and not long hair for the next month (or two or six!).  THIS is why i should have waited until i was back in california, i know.

ok, so it will grow back.  and it's not horrible, just awfully short ... kinda thinking i should have just gone ahead and chopped it.  i mean what is the point of not long/not short/somewhere in the odd blunt middle hair?

{rachel comey jackpot top via creatures of comfort; shoulder strap/jacket/skirt bibhu fall 2010 collection}

16 September 2010


just keeping to a theme for my new fall wardrobe, you know stripes.

15 September 2010

zig zag.

um, yes please.

{zig zag tote : hansel from basel, to order with my winter sock collection, i need a winter sock collection}

14 September 2010

sometimes i forget about flickr.

because there are just too many good things on the internet to keep up with i guess.  needless to say i always end up getting lost in the favorites of my favorites and end up wishing i was here ...


or here ...

or here ...

13 September 2010


yeah, so it's supposed to be in the 90's this week, AGAIN.  i'm counting on this ridiculous weather to eventually disappear, and when it does i might just have to treat myself to some shoes.  some good fall shoes, because i just can't get my mind off of them.

1. rachel comey  2. loeffler randall (i'm dying for these, DYING FOR THEM)

french toast.

i went a little nutty with the breads our CSA was offering this week.  when the 2 loaves of rosemary pumpkin bread, 12 yeast rolls and sack of pitas arrived i was relatively elated, but then it hit me, we hardly keep bread in the house, what in the world are we going to do with all of this?  it's all very delicious, don't get me wrong, but we are two. not four/six/twelve.  we, quite simply, are over breaded.

well sunday morning came and with it a fix to the current situation.  three yeast rolls were made into french toast.  orangette french toast (or burg's) to be precise.  and it was delicious.  i'd been wanting to make this recipe since i first read a homemade life, but like i said before we rarely have bread in the house.  anyway, i think those days of no bread are OVER because this was by far the best french toast i've ever had.

10 September 2010

what we did, where we went.

1. + 2. surprise trip to balsalm mtn preserve, oh my god amazing. 3. zip lining 4. hot springs, the first and last visit of ours. wnc hot spring weren't all we were hoping for. 5. + 6. chicago for a long weekend of eating here, here and here. 7. late summer flowers in asheville.

08 September 2010

crystals dipped in gold.

i'm not typically the crystal kind, but i can't help but love this laura lombardi necklace. can you blame me?

{via oh joy!}

07 September 2010

ok, so august is over.

where have the days gone? i swear three days ago i was looking forward to the last birthday of my 20's and now, now it's september? well ok. i haven't had too much computer time recently which is both good and bad. good because some exciting things are happening, bad because i am so behind on the news of the internets. oh well, it's september which means things will eventually slow down ... or at least that is what i'm telling myself.