13 September 2010

french toast.

i went a little nutty with the breads our CSA was offering this week.  when the 2 loaves of rosemary pumpkin bread, 12 yeast rolls and sack of pitas arrived i was relatively elated, but then it hit me, we hardly keep bread in the house, what in the world are we going to do with all of this?  it's all very delicious, don't get me wrong, but we are two. not four/six/twelve.  we, quite simply, are over breaded.

well sunday morning came and with it a fix to the current situation.  three yeast rolls were made into french toast.  orangette french toast (or burg's) to be precise.  and it was delicious.  i'd been wanting to make this recipe since i first read a homemade life, but like i said before we rarely have bread in the house.  anyway, i think those days of no bread are OVER because this was by far the best french toast i've ever had.


  1. Please make it so I can eat french toast without crashing later in a low-blood-sugar, weepy pile. That would be v. magical of you. Ok? Ok.