31 January 2012

one twelve.

it's been a fly by kind of month.  a few things happened, like i rejoined the world of freelancers/small business owners (new, updated site coming soon)! we went sailing! frances got a swollen lip and we are still trying to figure out what the fuck from ... and mas was only gone for 8 days!  all in all, it was pretty ok.

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30 January 2012


it's navy and it's awesome.

{rag & bone fedora via need supply co.}

27 January 2012


this weekend i intend to :

-  do some serious research on the installation of flooring
-  hang antlers!
-  clean up this disaster zone of a house
-  eat a cheeseburger
-  oil up the press and PRINT SOMETHING.  

{image of a swarm of ancient stars from the hubble}

24 January 2012

couch v. chairs.

so, we bought a house that is too small for a couch.

space enough for a couch is apparently something you do not notice when you spend a total of one hour in a property before you decide to BUY it.  plus, what kind of living room isn't wide/long enough for a couch?!?!

or maybe you do notice that kind of stuff, but we certainly don't.

anyhow, we bought a chair and a half (dolphin, not orange) before thanksgiving and have since decided it was a bad idea.

now we're on track for a four chair living room.  1 // 2 - walnut // 3 - cream, not the color shown // and 4????  we're still looking for the fourth, and haven't even seen our current three together in real life.  this could actually be a wonderful disaster in which we end up with five (and a half) chairs that go nowhere in our domicile.

oh, and we're thinking super wooly cable rug, will we regret that once summer comes around?  so.many.questions.

{living room that is not ours via}

23 January 2012


this weekend, well, mostly it was uneventful.  a touch of snow and weather that was just cold enough to keep us inside.  which wasn't bad, in fact it was filled with hours in bed watching homeland, SOOOO GOOD.  but then an errand needed to be run, far away from the comfort of our covers and computer.

so we trekked out to the suburbs, and you know what is in the suburbs?  besides our errand, good vietnamese food, that's what.  we stopped by banh mi dc and had ourselves the most delicious $9.00 lunch around.

we snagged a #2 and #8 and a custard steamed bun.  the custard was a bit too heavy and the bun, not as light as i like, but the #2 WAS TO DIE FOR.  the #8 wasn't too bad either, but damn, the former has me wanting to go back, like now.  the perfectly spicy pork, lotsa mayo and quite a delish showing in the bread department.  the mass amounts of cilantro and veggies didn't hurt either.