20 December 2010

things we have, things we don't.

haves :

+  a new house that does NOT smell of moldy basement
+  a pantry that holds all of our kitchen stuffs (a feat, you should know)
+  one possibly broken nose
+  the biggest brightest bedroom painted the loveliest of light blues

have nots :

-  the mother fucking internet.  and it is KILLING me.

14 December 2010

places to go.

sometimes when things get crazy i just want to drop it all and travel.  to china, brazil and mt.everest ... or you know, to wherever.  and with that we dive into the actual move, none of this a few boxes every trip stuff.  internet turns off in the old house and on in the new (fingers crossed at least) TOMORROW, so hopefully our bed and my press will there by then.

{images from national geographic found via pintrest}

13 December 2010


with really giant needles and chunky yarn. 

{images here via a merry mishap}

10 December 2010

the move = the yard sale.

because apparently we did NOT get rid of enough stuff when we scaled down for the 500 sq ft nest.  we are all set* for our yard sale tomorrow.  it's supposed to be as warm as 52 out there.  we'll have hot chocolate.

now, i'm off to plaster this little town with posters ....

* if all set means we have a pile of clothes but haven't even gone through any of the other rooms - including the attic - then yea, we're all set.

it sleeted, we gave up before we had even started, and stayed in bed.  now we have to find place to take this stuff.  because we are not moving it. 

sparkle face.

for the holidays.

{from ren rox via abundance}

09 December 2010

the move.

we're moving! again! erm, yay?! it's just down the street and around the corner ... into a *maybe* ridiculously large, recently restored, very old home.  i'm not sure how i feel about the largeness of it all, but i'm in love with these things :

+  it won't leave the musky odor of mold on everything we own.

+  on the second floor there is the most amazing bathroom (original sink/tub/toilet set, complete with black and white tile from way back when).

+  my office is quadrupling in size.

+  we are chucking our ikea malm bed (you served us well, and lasted three moves, but that paint job i gave you really cheapened/ruined you) and are replacing it with the fancy sleigh bed we found in mas' parent's basement after they moved from avl.  you should know i am also planning on sanding the sleigh bed and staining it black ... which might be cause for some concern due to my past experiences, but i'm much older and more mature now.  plus it's made of ACTUAL wood and i would use sandpaper and real wood stain, not floor paint.

+  our washer and dryer will now perform magic tricks (i LOVE a nice washer and dryer).

+  knowing that the day after we move everything in and paint the walls, we will get a phone call letting us know that we are moving to japan - this summer.

+  also knowing that it is very nearly too late to receive such a call, landing us in the new house for a whole year, and then freeing us up to live wherever in the world we want ... which might be japan, but more likely somewhere like, um, say .... california?

+  walking the half block to our most favorite restaurant ... as opposed to walking three.

+  not having to worry that our landlords (not so) secretly hate us for not purchasing this house.

and then there will be the things that i will miss, as with all houses that become homes :

-  our insanely large fenced in side yard and our insanely large not fenced in backyard (frances will miss the fence the most, or maybe it will be us, at midnight, in the rain, when we can just throw her out the door anymore).

-  being 15 seconds from the public library.

-  the weird eight inch gap between the bottom of our bedroom door and the floor.

-  the attic, that allows us to store all sorts of things we DO NOT need.  it certainly is easy to just leave them alone and not have to see them ever.

{image found on abandunce due to following a link from color collective}

08 December 2010

joining forces.

over the weekend mas came up with (what i think is) THE BEST IDEA EVER.  he wanted to, and actually started blogging over at the {not so} urban foodie.  i think he might be using this writing for what is now a joint blog, mostly as a motivational technique.  you know, since i've not exactly been on top of that shit.  though it doesn't matter, i'm happy to take him as my co-author (obvi), and am actually pretty pumped for him to offer up a different view on the food we eat, because honestly the two of us approach things from completely different directions.  for example he would never break down into tears while trying to plan a menu and i would not be happy eating pasta every night.

so, that's it, a hopeful new life for that nearly dead fish of a blog that is the {not so} urban foodie.  i can't wait ... it's gonna be FUN.

07 December 2010

come darkness.

i'm in love.  head over heels in LOVE with these scarves by MAV.  i wish i could somehow convince my brother, who lives in portland, to love them as much as i do and go and VISIT them.

honestly i'd thought i would never get another.

but here i am, lusting, again, and for a while.  mas *might* even be considering.

{amazing brush strokey tattoos by amanda wachob}

06 December 2010


over the weekend, there was snow, for about five minutes.  and then, it turned into sleet, stopping altogether the next morning. and the sun came out.  but it did not warm up.  and now we are bundled in flannel sheets at night and winter coats during the day.

mas has a surprise day off today, so we are starting a joint project that has nothing to do with packing our shit and moving three blocks away.


01 December 2010


i used to have a ring like this. that was, until, i left it on a sink while washing my hands and walked away for a second.

{ring from dollybird}