07 September 2012

delayed/instant gratification.

so, some time in early july, or was it late june?  this package arrived at our door.  it arrived at our door after mas had been super secretive with his emails and computer (something to do with my birthday present, he told me that much)... i mean he went as far as changing his password secretive ... for two or three months.  and then it arrived while he was out of town.  it arrived one month before my birthday.  it arrive and it was from MOCIUN.

i did not open it.  it was very hard to not open it.  i waited.  he was home a few days later.  he ripped the package open, left the room, returned and handed me a small black and white box.  it felt weird.  it was not my birthday.  it was not even almost my birthday.  he had already made me wait SO LONG.  why not a little longer?  mostly because i think he was too excited to see my reaction, but also i'm sure he was a bit afraid that now that it was in the house there was really no chance that i wouldn't end up opening in my own super secretive manner.

so i opened it and fell in love.  it's beautiful and made just for me.  by my most favorite person and my most favorite designer.  damn, that's a birthday well done.

{image via mociun, mostly because we tried to snap photos, but they all suck, and this necklace deserves a non-sucky photo.}