31 August 2009

alma allen

i'm in love with alma allen and his amazing sculptures. see more here.

i need a frock coat

don't you? i think everyone might.

{3.1 phillip lim frock coat}

27 August 2009

sometimes i wake up

and i wish i was this lady. and then sometimes i just wake up wishing i had something like this dress to put on and romp around in.

{claire danes is wearing a herve leger* by max azria (this combo has intrigued me since i heard rumors of the collaboration) and a big thanks to e for sending me this article}

* for my 10th birthday my mom took me on our first girls trip to nyc (we were living in texas at the time). we went in to bergdorf's and there was one of those massive sales occurring and while scouring the racks we found this teeny tiny mint green and cream herve leger bandage dress that intrigued my mom - you see it was beyond wee. so with a very little nudge i tried it on, and it fit perfectly ... as i was 10 it was a tad on the inappropriate side, but we still reminisce on the good times. particularly in recent years with his insane come back and all.

26 August 2009

weddings i would like to attend : 1

yeah, how freaking cute?

i know those hearts are going to make a few of you feel a wee bit nauseated, but if you recall from a long, long time ago i can't help myself when it comes to the giant red blobs of ink.

oh and their invitation was a poster (i can't post it here due to some silly computer problems but you can see it here). i am so ready to have a client come to me and ask for a wedding invitation poster, in fact, i am so ready that i might be willing to do it at a pretty heft discount ... ahem, ahem. you know, in case anyone is interested.

{paul and cassie photographed by jonas peterson found via a cup of jo}

25 August 2009

leah giberson

i am loving these quiet, simple prints by leah giberson. i think we could add a couple to our walls that we are absolutely CRAMMING full of art (while we frequently find ourselves short on furniture the same is not the case when it comes to framed lovelies and all of a sudden our wall space is, well, not as vast as it once was).

{found on poppytalk handmade, available for purchase in leah's etsy shop}

24 August 2009

it has become clear to me

i need a black leather jacket, and this one, well i think it would perfect.

{draped leather jacket by loeffler randall, shocking, i know.}

21 August 2009

bunny family

while shopping for wall decals that may or may not make an appearance in the studio i found this family of bunnies. i don't know what it is exactly but i have noticed a bit of a bunny obsession starting over here. hmmmm. oh well. anyway i'm not sure i have a place for this (and am fairly sure mas doesn't need bunnies on his walls), but if you do ...

and as it is one of those threadless / blik collaborations you can also find it in a t-shirt (which i don't think mas would mind seeing lolling around the house).

{wall decal available at blik}

um, ok, i can't help myself

i LOVE these tights by tsumori chisato. does that make me a huge hypocrite because they are pretty legging like? (for those of you who don't follow my tweets, i think i have scoffed at the idea more than once .. but come on in nyc they were on every other girl i saw, and for the most part the outcome was disaterous - heels and short tops and bottoms that look 3x larger than they actually are) whatever, i love them and want them.

ps - i would glady accept the shoes as well

20 August 2009

rabbit pox

while i was in san francisco i was introduced to more than a few of the most wonderful things, one of which was this lovely little book by this lovely girl. rabbit pox! and it is available for purchase on etsy. but there are only 10 of them, and i am thinking about scooping up one...

19 August 2009

my favorite

i just want to live in this world of bunting, heart balloons and stripes. and the splotchy fabric, i love it.

{found on frolic, put together by cheri at scout holiday, and photographed by james ryang}

18 August 2009

oh me, oh my

i can hardly believe it, but i'm back! do i need to tell you what life has been like the past few weeks? a move, then a class, and then the continuous fight with our phone company for phone and internet. but all of that is over with and we are finally a fully functioning home!!! i can hardly believe it.

now it is on to the studio ... i'm painting it today ").

pictures coming soon, i promise, and so are more blog posts, as in regular ones, like the good old days. i've missed you all so much.


05 August 2009

in case you were wondering

i headed north to san francisco for the week .. for work. you see there are some changes happening with cevd and pretty.pretty.paper and as it turns out i needed to spend a week up north to hone my new skills. i'll be back next week ... assuming we have internet or phone by then, which isn't looking too good (uhum, verizon, you suck as a company).