27 August 2009

sometimes i wake up

and i wish i was this lady. and then sometimes i just wake up wishing i had something like this dress to put on and romp around in.

{claire danes is wearing a herve leger* by max azria (this combo has intrigued me since i heard rumors of the collaboration) and a big thanks to e for sending me this article}

* for my 10th birthday my mom took me on our first girls trip to nyc (we were living in texas at the time). we went in to bergdorf's and there was one of those massive sales occurring and while scouring the racks we found this teeny tiny mint green and cream herve leger bandage dress that intrigued my mom - you see it was beyond wee. so with a very little nudge i tried it on, and it fit perfectly ... as i was 10 it was a tad on the inappropriate side, but we still reminisce on the good times. particularly in recent years with his insane come back and all.


  1. I have always loved her. I also love her soon to be husband. He is such a doll.

  2. Wow, I love that you tried it on at age 10 and it fit. At least you can say that you fit into an herve leger, not many of us can...