28 December 2012

Frances is the undisputed road trip queen.  She LOVES the car.  She LOVES road trips.  She LOVES her little nook in the back of the Prius filled with her sleeping bag.  SHE LOVES IT ALL.  

Anna on the other hand .....

Needs constant attention, a bajillion chewy things and a run before we actually enter the car.

Unfortunately the run before an 8 hour trip in the winter is not exactly what I call practical.  It is cold outside.  It is dark outside.  And really, I'd just rather get there.  This time both MAS and I made the trip and I think that got her overly excited.  She did not sleep for more than half an hour on that entire stupid trip.  The way back home was better, but still not exactly the most awesome.

Next up Anna, South Florida.

27 December 2012

Living room lights.

We need something to hang from the center of our living room that throws a decent amount of light upwards and doesn't blind you if you look in it's general direction.  I'm liking this, but also considering making our own version of this.  Then there is this one which MAS fell hard for on instagram.  All viable options, yet we have failed to pull the trigger on every last one, maybe one day ....

21 December 2012

This is the first year in about five that we will not be heading out on a boat for the second week in January.  I made a fuss last year that our only vacation is the same year after year after year and was appeased with the promise of every other year.  I don't want to sound like a total tart, but there is a lot of this world I have not seen that does not easily translate to six days on a boat in January.  Also, I'm allergic to the sun and hate salt water.

But a few months back MAS was bemoaning the fact that we were not going to have boat time this year.  It was, in fact, ruining his life.  So, being the good wife that I am, I agreed.  I mean we did take a road trip over the summer and that should technically count as a vacation not on a boat.  We sent an email to our boat friends, everyone was excited, and then MAS realized he was scheduled to be in the UK for the about half of the time we were meant to be on the boat.  Alas, our tropical vacation has be cancelled for 2013.  BUMMER.

In all honesty, I'm kind of excited.  I'm tagging along on his work trip and we're taking a few extra days to tour Wales.  It'll be great.  But it means I have ZERO reason to purchase this most amazing suit.  Especially since the day we agreed to start planning our 2013 sailing trip I purchased a suit I still have not worn.  Yes, my weakness for swimwear is ridiculous.  But seriously, someone should buy this suit

20 December 2012


Do you want these as much as I do?  Because I want them BADLY.  Mr. Pickles loafers by Marc by Marc Jacobs.

19 December 2012

Vegan Week take Two

The holidays are crazy, CRAZY, I tell you.  We spent last week in Boulder celebrating with MAS' family and then soon we're off to Asheville for a very quick holiday visit with my parents.  Meanwhile there are things like Eggnog and Christmas cookies and Panettone lying around our house.  I don't think I'd eaten anything that wasn't a meat or a carb for three weeks prior to this Monday when we decided we needed a change.  So we've gone vegan again for the week.  We did it a while back and I've got to say, anything that can get me out of the cheese and cracker lunch rut that I so easily fall into is good by me.

So far we've had a series of really good meals, highlights being morning granola and almond milk (Although this round of almond milk making may have done our 8 month old blender in.  LAME.  I don't really want to buy a Vitamix, I mean come on with the price tag, but also buying a new blender every 8 months, that is not going to work.  We're mulling this one over.).  Oh and the Black Sesame Otsu from Super Natural Everyday was so beyond delicious.  Last night I tried (and failed with) Butternut Squash Lasagna.  I'm sure it's delicious when she makes it, but when I did it just tasted like a bunch of mashed veggies.  Next up a few more Asian dishes.  I always love an excuse to eat only Asian food for a few days straight.  It's not our go-to in this house so it's a nice break.

10 December 2012

Sandwiches, the best.

It took us a while to try SUNdeVICH.  I don't know why.  I'll blame it on a complete lack of ability to get out of our house, or at the very best our neighborhood, during the weekends.  It's not like I was ever confused.  I always knew it was going to be good, I guess I just didn't know how good.  Turns out we had one of the best sandwich experiences EVER.  We got a Seoul and a Havanna along with some spicy cole slaw and brined veggies.  Also, Sprecher Root Beer.  It was delicious, I'd like to go back now please.

03 December 2012


The lazy man's best meal.  Egg in a Hole.  I can't remember when I started eating these, but they've since been my go to when we have no food in the house and I'm too pressed for time to actually leave and pick up something.  It's ridiculously easy and ever so tasty.  Cut the center of the bread out ... this time I used black pepper brioche from the Milk Bar cookbook ... yuuuuuuuummmmmmmy; place in pan; cook in butter until toasty; flip; repeat till your egg is cooked just the way you like it (which should absolutely be VERY RUNNY).  Also a little bit of this hot sauce, because it goes on EVERYTHING, and salt and pepper.