19 December 2012

Vegan Week take Two

The holidays are crazy, CRAZY, I tell you.  We spent last week in Boulder celebrating with MAS' family and then soon we're off to Asheville for a very quick holiday visit with my parents.  Meanwhile there are things like Eggnog and Christmas cookies and Panettone lying around our house.  I don't think I'd eaten anything that wasn't a meat or a carb for three weeks prior to this Monday when we decided we needed a change.  So we've gone vegan again for the week.  We did it a while back and I've got to say, anything that can get me out of the cheese and cracker lunch rut that I so easily fall into is good by me.

So far we've had a series of really good meals, highlights being morning granola and almond milk (Although this round of almond milk making may have done our 8 month old blender in.  LAME.  I don't really want to buy a Vitamix, I mean come on with the price tag, but also buying a new blender every 8 months, that is not going to work.  We're mulling this one over.).  Oh and the Black Sesame Otsu from Super Natural Everyday was so beyond delicious.  Last night I tried (and failed with) Butternut Squash Lasagna.  I'm sure it's delicious when she makes it, but when I did it just tasted like a bunch of mashed veggies.  Next up a few more Asian dishes.  I always love an excuse to eat only Asian food for a few days straight.  It's not our go-to in this house so it's a nice break.


  1. yum, almond milk and granola. good luck with the vegan quest and please share all your recipes.

  2. after this holiday season, i'm joining a gym.

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