30 March 2010

back home.

the time has come to head back to the part of the world where my husband resides, and while i cannot even tell you how excited i am to do that, i must say that it makes me a tad sad. i like california more and more with every visit. which is funny because when we first moved here and were living on the beach i couldn't wait to leave.

ps - that is a paper airplane, i spent a fair amount of time this past week making them and putting a few up in the window. it was fun.

29 March 2010

i think it might be good luck.

you know if i carried him in my pocket with me every day.


26 March 2010

happy friday.

perhaps this will be me over the weekend. doubtful, but you just never know. i hope you are all doing very fun things both saturday and sunday.




it's fun here. and sunny. and the burgers are good. mas quit your job and meet me here tuesday!

24 March 2010

it's a research day.

i'm in la with esb and we are breaking out of doors to see what there is in the world away from our desks.


23 March 2010

oh my god.

{found here}

it really is a shame that i've only experienced nashville from the airport.

i must make a note that a road trip needs to be made.

now on to california where i hear the weather is quite lovely and nothing like the pseudo spring i am leaving.

{images found here and here}

22 March 2010

and here we go again.

it was bound to happen i suppose. i couldn't live an entire county away from my one and only little outpost. so, yes, i've another shop ... really a studio ... i'm not selling anything but custom paper goods here as it is solely appointment only.

so, if you were to swing by west asheville (508 haywood rd to be exact) you would see that inside the bloom room there is quite a bit of beautiful paper goodness. that is right i've teamed up with stacey who is simply amazing (and no, not just because she did the flowers for our wedding). there will be a party early summer to celebrate but for now asheville brides and paper people call/email/stop by to make an appointment.

{i'm very excited about this}

18 March 2010

kitchen inspiration.

so things on the home front are getting serious. we are actually planning a trip to the paint store, you know in a couple of weeks, when things calm down, will they ever calm down? first on our list is the living room, the green walls are garish and driving us both out of the room. second is likely the dining room, or bathroom, but then third MUST be the kitchen. it is going to be a serious undertaking. it is easily the worst laid out kitchen either of us has ever seen, and the counter tops are tile ... i will never understand why people think tile kitchen counter tops are a good idea. anyway THIS is what we need. nice and open and pretty and white.

{images by way of this is glamorous}

bride buzz .. cevd.

you really must check it out.

17 March 2010

100 layer cake and heart of light.

you guys know that rachel from heart of light is the guest blogger over at 100 layer cake this week, right? today her post is about diy invites and you should check it out ... not just to see the cevd invites, but to listen to a rational person speak diy.

16 March 2010

asheville, spring.

i left southern pines yesterday in rolled up jeans and a light weight button down. it was so lovely outside. i arrived to 39 degrees and overcast skies, um what? i thought it was supposed to be spring? i'm ready, whenever it decides to stick around. and for this week i will just have to layer, layer, layer all of my light weight sweaters and short sleeve shirts (oh what a spell in california will do to you weather checking skills).

by the way, things going on in asheville are big, i'll post more next week but you should know it is fun, and crazy, and busy.

{photo, shoes, sunglasses}

12 March 2010

attention chicago friends.

afternoon tea and a preview of the audey fall collection. i know the designer, she rocks my socks off. so please go, it would make her happy. march 21st, doors open at noon, more information here.

11 March 2010

i could maybe start wearing paper dresses.

many more paper creations by alexandra zaharova & ilya plotnikov of doberman studio here.

spring cleaning.

i have one giant pile of things to get rid of sitting in the corner of our dining room/place where things go to sit so they don't gather dust. i want to get rid of these things, but they aren't good will things ... they are a tad nicer, and in almost pristine condition. so thoughts on how to go about getting them into new homes? have you tried say, a tag sale, with great success? or should i maybe stick to ebay? or just putting notes up here on the blog? consignment freaks me out, and well, our retiree community doesn't want my max mara trench.

that being said one of the items i am parting with is a yudu, anyone want? i've used it fewer than 10 times. we don't get along, but i feel as though i might be in the minority here.


10 March 2010

wedding wednesday : inspired by

an accordion fold letterpress invitation with a perforated rsvp. wrapped in a light grey folder and enveloped by a dark grey lined in yellow. the bride did her own calligraphy and it is ridiculously wonderful.

she is getting married in detroit atop a v. tall building downtown in a most gorgeous non-satin dress. i on the other hand want to be back on the central coast fogged in with lanvin and loeffler randall. we were fast friends.

{chair, jose villa - dress, lanvin - earrings, bottega veneta - shoes, loeffler randall - trees, jose villa}

wedding wednesday is back.

funny thing about weddings ... they just never stop being fun. going to them, writing about them, having them, planning them, designing invitations FOR them. really they just never ever get old. at least i don't think they do, but i suppose that is why i am in the industry. so this is my plan, every(ish) wednesday i will put together a grouping of things for a wedding inspired by an invitation that is making it's way through the studio. i am not re-working my brides' weddings (they are all perfection just the way they are) but there are some invitations that i LUST over, and these always get me thinking ... maybe we should have done it differently (which i know we should not have done, as we both thought our wedding day was perfection). so check back this afternoon for the first up in what i hope is at least a semi-weekly feature - wedding wednesday : inspired by ...

{image via lillian and leonard}

09 March 2010


i love ribbon, a lot. and isn't this block printed cotton tape just delightful?

{via oh so beautiful paper}


today i am missing the cows we used to see every day. they used to eat our grass and let us know that it was time to wake up (even if we didn't want to).

today i am happy that we have the most perfect spot for a perfect garden that will be perfect for growing scrumptious tomatoes.


08 March 2010

pictures i have found.

the other day i was sidetracked by a disaster that is a photo library. i spent a good two hours attempting to organize about 1/3 of my photos. it was fun. i found these two gems and thought i would share.

frances on the couch i will be re-covering this spring...

mas and i in iceland on our honeymoon (oh i want to go back...)

05 March 2010


after bitching about it all week, friday has finally shown up, and let's face it ... i'm nowhere near ready for the weekend. we're celebrating secrets on sunday and getting the oil changed in both cars on saturday (the poor prius needs a new headlight and taillight as well - it's getting so old). we might also go on a bike ride, a nice long bike ride, punctuated by a nice leisurely lunch.

better get my shit together then ...



heath. pretty, pretty heath via the new mom.

apparently you can make peelable wallpaper out of fabric and corn starch, i'm so very tempted. via dandelion & grey.

urban outfitters is getting into the wedding industry? i know it is the place to be, but really? i'm intrigued ... or confused? {image not from uo but from here instead}

04 March 2010

to add to the list.

the list of summer goodness that should reside in my closet that is. under.ligne is the more affordable line offered up by a long time fav doo.ri. i can never have too many summer dresses and these are all so wonderful.

03 March 2010

our front door.

i want, no NEED it to be this color. when we have time to paint (who's life am i living that i don't have time to paint!?) i am going to insist .. or plead, whichever works.

{door to this lovely's studio, yeah i'm a wee bit jealous}

recycling project.

{found here}

02 March 2010

can it be friday today please?

i know, i know it is only tuesday. whatever. happy tuesday.

ps - that's it, i'm caving and going to take a knitting class. it's bad enough with all of the cowls and wrist warmers and scarves that i cannot make ... you start throwing more than adorable little knit animals into the mix and i just can't take it anymore.

{most wonderful little creatures found here by way of refinery 29}

01 March 2010


yesterday mas told me his spring started march 1st. maybe it was all of the bike riding that occurred this weekend, or just the sunshine that kept us warm while we were outside, or perhaps his un-realistic optimism? it's a not so balmy 45 outside right now, but some of our trees have started to sprout the babiest of blooms ...