22 March 2010

and here we go again.

it was bound to happen i suppose. i couldn't live an entire county away from my one and only little outpost. so, yes, i've another shop ... really a studio ... i'm not selling anything but custom paper goods here as it is solely appointment only.

so, if you were to swing by west asheville (508 haywood rd to be exact) you would see that inside the bloom room there is quite a bit of beautiful paper goodness. that is right i've teamed up with stacey who is simply amazing (and no, not just because she did the flowers for our wedding). there will be a party early summer to celebrate but for now asheville brides and paper people call/email/stop by to make an appointment.

{i'm very excited about this}


  1. oh, wow! what a lovely studio!!

  2. Ooh love this.. I was skimming through old before and afters on design sponge the other day and saw your other shop.. They're both great!

  3. Yay! Can't wait to stop by and see it, so glad that things went well!

  4. congrats!!! its looks friggen gorgeous.

  5. love it...
    check out my blog. I posted my daughters 4 min. video sneak peek. It's amazing if I do say so myself even though all I did was pay for it :)