16 March 2010

asheville, spring.

i left southern pines yesterday in rolled up jeans and a light weight button down. it was so lovely outside. i arrived to 39 degrees and overcast skies, um what? i thought it was supposed to be spring? i'm ready, whenever it decides to stick around. and for this week i will just have to layer, layer, layer all of my light weight sweaters and short sleeve shirts (oh what a spell in california will do to you weather checking skills).

by the way, things going on in asheville are big, i'll post more next week but you should know it is fun, and crazy, and busy.

{photo, shoes, sunglasses}


  1. Things are weird here too. Last week the evenings were cold. As in, can't warm up my hands, tip of my nose is frozen and we are in the house for god sakes.

    Yesterday - hot. Too hot for the flannel sheets I put on the bed last week.