30 July 2010

it's been a week.

and i wish i could say that i was glad it's friday, but unfortunately i'll be working ALL weekend so the whole friday thing isn't so exciting. in fact i think i'd really rather just be cuddled up in the delicate frocks above.

{image via}

26 July 2010

when someone gives you lemons.

can someone give me the lemons that result in becoming a photo stylist? i promise i will attempt to make the sweetest of lemonades...or maybe someone has? there are things in the works people, but nothing will be certain for about another month. so for now, please cross you fingers for me, ummm kay?

{image from janne peters who i found via oh joy!}

23 July 2010

dear summer ... go away.

i've tried to be quiet, to keep my mouth shut because the west coast is in some sort of extended winter these days, but i just can't take it anymore. the summers in the south suck. 100 degrees with a heat index of something ridiculous like 115 due to this shit humidity, thanks but no thanks. i want shades of grey and sweaters and HOT CHOCOLATE. i also want to be able to walk outside without immediately wanting to throw up or rip my skin off.

{the clothing i want to be wearing by claer via notcouture}

20 July 2010

i am not here.

though i really should be ... care to join?

16 July 2010


i picked frances up from her grandparents house (a place she LOVES) yesterday and these are the faces she made. in fact, there was hardly any excitement out of her for the rest of the day ... until she saw mas that is (yeah i nearly made them sleep on the couch together). it's obvious she's still mad at me for dropping her off ten days ago, bitch.

so, i'm spending the weekend sucking up to my 14 lb dog ... what about you?

14 July 2010

on rompers.

i've found THE one.

i'm back on the east coast and my eyes want to fall out of my head. red-eyes ... not nearly as much fun as they sound. why do i always forget that?

13 July 2010

food coma.

it happens every time. i come back to california, eat until i want to puke, gain five pounds in less than five days and promise myself i will NEVER EVER EVER do that again. but you know what? i really think it is worth it. i'll cleanse myself over the next week with a minimum of 1o hours of hot sweaty yoga ... and mas' crazy running work outs. or maybe i won't. maybe i'll just tie-dye some more.

{image via photo lovely abbytrysagain. i was going to include some photos of the food i ate, but am having issues i cannot wrap my head around right now with iphoto, maybe later, or maybe i'm just too embarassed.}

09 July 2010

la for a day.

esb and are tie-dye masters, no? try not to be jealous of our skills, though i know that will be hard.

07 July 2010

guest post.

the lovely alyson is in the process of GETTING MARRIED and instead of leaving her blog flopping around like some people (i.e me) she has a nice little gathering of guest bloggers keeping things alive. today i am one of them. head over and check it out ...

06 July 2010

we've been invited.

.cevd. has been invited to be a part of style me pretty's little black book of wedding vendors. i couldn't be happier.

the fourth.

we sunned + slept under the stars. we ate thai food + bagels almost exclusively. there was reading. there was no cell reception, and very little wifi. there was swimming in the ocean. AND there was the first through fourth car ferry experience of my life.

02 July 2010

OBX or bust.

mas, fevds and i are packing up this very minute for a camping trip. a beach camping trip! the outer banks await my friends and i am too excited for words. have a most enjoyable weekend and i'll see you next week.


01 July 2010

to hang from the ceiling.

there's that little hook in the corner of my office that has been begging for a friend.

{veer's typographic mobile}