18 August 2011


we've been in OUR HOUSE for who knows how long now, and you know what?  it is still a disaster.  as in i'm embarrassed when anyone passes and i'm entering through the front door.  the boxes and paper and clothing and shutters and random pillows and strange pieces of furniture lying ALL OVER THE PLACE do not look like the inside of any respectable person's house.  in fact i do believe we might qualify to be on an episode of hoarders.  it is simply horrifying.  i haven't yet broken down and sobbed uncontrolably upon returning from work, but i think i am close.  poor mas, every night our conversation goes something like this :

c : i'm gonna loose it if we don't get it together.
m : i know, i know.
c : NO REALLY I AM GOING TO LOOSE IT IF WE DON'T GET IT TOGETHER ... SOON (said while shaking ever so slightly and with a completely crazy look in my eyes mind you)
m : i know, i know (offering up a hug instead of doing what he wants to do, which is get the hell out of there)

and then we have the schedule conversation.  we promise to spend the rest of the night organizing some corner, and the next night too.  only we go upstairs to the bedroom and then promptly pass out.

but this weekend, well this weekend it is going to be different.  i already made mas call our out-of-town friend from high school and cancel the plans i set up because i might LOOSE it if someone that isn't mas or myself walks into this place.  i've decided that i do not need to repaint the horribly colored laundry room before we actually set up some shelves.  and you know what?  the trim in the entire house - well it will just have to wait.  we can move furniture away from the walls after all, when we are ready, and have some actual free time.  and oh yeah, our kitchens are being pulverized and rebuilt sometime in the next two weeks.  i keep telling myself that once we can actually put all of our glasses and plates away we might be able to walk through the dining room.

but dc is lovely and so is that new shiny job of mine.  mas is pretty happy too.  turns out this move is going to be worth it ... one day ... when we aren't tripping over piles of t-shirts and margarita glasses.

{image via remodelista .. on a side note, we'd take that light}