15 November 2011


last night, around 6:30, i kind of made what some would call an impulse purchase.

you see, about a year ago j.crew was selling some of the most amazing coral bottomed sperry's (seriously, i love them). but, they sold out in like a MILISECOND, leaving me without and thinking about them non-stop, for like, a year.

so ... when i saw these in the j.crew catalogue last night, there was quite simply nothing i could do.  they were on the first page, i was sitting next to my computer, it was over in less than a minute.

10 November 2011

sometimes ...

after i haven't blogged consistently in MONTHS i get nervous and don't know what to blog about.  it leaves me second guessing and nixing posts.  also, it makes me little verbose, you know, like i have to tell you every last little thing that has been happening in my life - around the house, on the internet, and in the yoga studio.  i go to proof read my 85,000 words, and delete almost every single one, leaving a mere sentence behind because it is just simpler.  then i'm embarrassed, who am i am to think i am clever enough to boil things down to just one sentence? so i delete the whole stupid thing, close my computer and go to work.

i forget that finding a wonderfully simple bracelet is sometimes enough.  well, that and telling you that you should maybe also buy this one to go with it?

ANNNNND now since it has been a bit since i told you our kitchen was functional, i should probably tell you a secret ... we hung two shelves in a couple weeks back.  feeling all proud and happy we went on with our lives.  then a few days ago, one of them fell off the wall.  none of my precious wecks (filled with baking ingredients such as flour) were harmed in the process, and thankfully frances was asleep upstairs so we didn't have to endure her THE APOCALYPSE IS COMING NOW meltdown.  we just had to spend two hours in the shitty dc home depot hemming and hawing over the various dry wall concoctions that supposedly allow you to hang upwards of 600 lbs from the worst wall building material ever.

{bracelet by son of a sailor}

01 November 2011

happy november!

last night we passed out candy and made a ridiculously delicious mushroom soup.  it felt so comfortable, so homey, so ... normal.  and now, i'm sitting in our kitchen sipping coffee and enjoying being just about DONE (with the kitchen that is).  and you know what?  it is super satisfying.  

also, it's november, my most favorite month of the year.