29 May 2008

it's the little things, part 2

first the wooden buttons at night owl paper goods, and now stitched cards from sublime stitching? this day just got a lot better.

it's the little things

i was just perusing brooklyn bride and saw her post on night owl paper goods and their adorable wooden button cards. it's the little things like these that really stand out in a world of generic and cheesy paper goods.

thank you mimi

mimi from enjoy was oh so kind in assisting me with some mailing labels. i love them, thank you so much.

28 May 2008

i wish i saw more blind stamps

i am a nut for white on white, and tone on tone. so i guess it is no surprise that i love blindstamps (letterpress stamping without ink). i just wish i would see more of it. the first two images come from the lettered olive and the third image is from linda & harriett.

27 May 2008

a daily must

a while ago, when i was still suffering through the chicago winters, i was introduced to this wonderful artist collaborative/information station by the name of the post family. this is one of the most fascinating and well rounded (not to mention easy to read) sites i have come across in a while. i can always count on new posts, and better yet, posts that concern things i have seen no where else. but that is not the best part ... the best part attaches itself to the first descriptive i used - artist collaborative. they as a family spend their time creating quirky prints like these and selling them to people like me ").

all hand printed in their fulton market studio (they are still suffering through the chicago winters), they are for sale at their shop. if you hop on over to their site i would highly recommend reading the short bio for each of the family members. there are a few good links to be found as well as a nice sense of humor.

and i'm back

the long weekend was wonderful and productive. we got a bit more settled in our new house, took a day trip down to santa barbara (what an amazingly cute city) and spent a decent amount of time running frances (our dog) on the beach. there was also the tying of ribbons and printing of place cards that took place. as i mentioned in my previous post, i was waiting for some of the most wonderful ribbons to arrive in order to finish up the programs i was working on for a friend, and here they are.

the slate ribbon was the perfect bit of contrast to the pale yellow design printed on an ivory card stock. i can't wait for her to see them, and even more i can't wait to head back to chicago this weekend for their beautiful wedding.

20 May 2008

oh my what wonderful ribbons

ribbons are tricky. while some times they can be the perfect final touch to invitations or other paper products, mostly they are ridiculous and over the top frilly. that is unless you use these wonderful italian ribbons from carta, inc. imported by the kind angela liguori (shop ... blog ... website).

the ribbons are available in two different weaves, passamano - a loose weave which reminds me of burlap, and fettuccia - a tighter weave similar to the more common herringbone ribbon. they also come in a huge assortment of different colors. i am currently waiting for a few yards of both slate and neutral to arrive at my doorstep.

fonts, i love you

this morning i was attempting to put together a few samples for a new client when a couple looks at my current font library left me wanting. i must have 300 fonts - and i could not find a single one that was appropriate. there are certainly those fonts i go back to time and time again, but eventually they loose their grip on me and i end up uninspired and frustrated with the lack of variety such a small font library affords. so i suppose now i am going to be sinking a fair amount of my supply budget on a few choice styles from two of my favorite font houses, veer + house industries.

i am going to start with this ... the burgues font from veer. my library is considerably script starved so this will be a welcome addition.

16 May 2008

these images are from my own save the date. my husband-to-be and i are from a small(ish) city in western north carolina and after about a mili-second worth of discussion we decided on a fall wedding in our hometown.

our save the date is letterpressed on white paper with two shades of grey and a blind stamp. the three pieces were tied in a bundle with an olive green string (which perfectly matches my most beautiful ring).

14 May 2008

bird and banner invitations

i started my journey into this world of invitation design in chicago working for a great custom studio that sadly no longer exists. it was wonderful to be exposed to such a fresh take on invitations, but at the same time it ruined me for anything that comes from a book. while exploring a bit i found a wonderful little studio in philidelphia, bird and banner, where not only are the invitations all so personal, but most of them are hand printed.

13 May 2008

up and running shortly

hi, my name is christine and i'm new to this. i love coffee in the morning and paper products for the rest of the day. i have a small custom invitation studio (.cevd. {custom invitation studio}) that is currently in the fledgling stage and a bitty etsy shop where i sell small runs of other paper products. this blog will be dedicated mostly to lovely paper but chances are i will be including various other musings on a regular basis.

here's to entering the world of blogging!