20 May 2008

oh my what wonderful ribbons

ribbons are tricky. while some times they can be the perfect final touch to invitations or other paper products, mostly they are ridiculous and over the top frilly. that is unless you use these wonderful italian ribbons from carta, inc. imported by the kind angela liguori (shop ... blog ... website).

the ribbons are available in two different weaves, passamano - a loose weave which reminds me of burlap, and fettuccia - a tighter weave similar to the more common herringbone ribbon. they also come in a huge assortment of different colors. i am currently waiting for a few yards of both slate and neutral to arrive at my doorstep.


  1. Your new blog is looking very nice. I love paper and even have a small Kelsey letterpress printing press but it got to be quite a job setting type. I will have to check out your etsy site. The ribbon is very pretty and your invitations are nice. Good Luck.

  2. These are very nice ribbon. I think they are made of quality paper products not like the materials for creating toilet paper.