27 May 2008

and i'm back

the long weekend was wonderful and productive. we got a bit more settled in our new house, took a day trip down to santa barbara (what an amazingly cute city) and spent a decent amount of time running frances (our dog) on the beach. there was also the tying of ribbons and printing of place cards that took place. as i mentioned in my previous post, i was waiting for some of the most wonderful ribbons to arrive in order to finish up the programs i was working on for a friend, and here they are.

the slate ribbon was the perfect bit of contrast to the pale yellow design printed on an ivory card stock. i can't wait for her to see them, and even more i can't wait to head back to chicago this weekend for their beautiful wedding.


  1. what a lovely program! yellow is one of my favorite wedding colors.

  2. Very nice card. And great blogs. I hope I started my toilet paper blog so that it will be like this blog also.