29 November 2010


i'm not what you would call a flag lover, so the fact that i've been thinking about these for the past week or so, says something.  something like i would really, REALLY, like that american flag hanging in our house.

{flags by michael leon}

24 November 2010

business card, part two. (the better part)

nice of me to milk this one business card into two postings, don't ya think?  anyway check out the back.  it's a qr code, and my latest obsession.  i've been pressing these in different colors to see what works and what doesn't (maybe that will be the third post in a series of what should have only been one).  anyway if you people out there with iphones don't yet have quiqr, i would recommend it.  i mean, i'm littering the world with enough of these business cards* to justify the download ... and maybe even purchase of the iphone.

*i've actually used a qr code for more than just myself ... a few other techy boys actually.  girls you need some qr code love too!

19 November 2010

five years.

i've had the exact same business cards for FIVE years.  it was time for a change ... in fact it's very nearly time for more than just a business card change.  next up the website, which will be fun, or hell, i can't quite decide.

18 November 2010


mas has never been, but i have.  and while i think we are tied at 46 states a piece, i might be able to convince myself that booking a trip for this summer might not be a bad idea, you know as long as we swing through south dakota* ...

{images by christopher baker for martha stewart living}

* one of my four states not visited ... which sucks because WHEN ARE WE GOING TO GO TO SOUTH DAKOTA?! the other three we share ... and they are: oklahoma, arkansas and rhode island.  although now that i think about it, maybe mas hasn't been to idaho either?!  oh i might be on to something here.

16 November 2010

cevd plus a heart.

that would make it 5 rings.  would that be too much?

{from catbird via daily candy}

fall into winter.

since it stays decently warm where we are these days (i.e nothing really below 32) i have a feeling that i'll continue to live in the same five items i've been living in for the past month ... only maybe add a coat?

{1. j.crew cardigan  2.  steven alan button down  3.  j.crew toothpick cord  4. smartwool socks (seriously there are NO BETTER)  5.  clarks wallabee - beeswax  oh and i found the coat on esb's pinterest, it is awesome, no?}

10 November 2010


where just about everything i've found on the internet has been hiding for the past few weeks.  OBSESSED.

09 November 2010

two things.

for me, for winter.

{l.l. bean signature boot, sandra juto wrist worms}

08 November 2010

the food, it's moving.

because i started a stupid food blog about 8 months ago and left it floundering while turning ppp into just that.  not the case anymore, the food stays in it's place from now on ... at least mostly.

{image from marina ekroos via i love widfox}

05 November 2010


i think we are going to make peanut butter cups and chocolate chip cookies tomorrow morning.  then who knows what, but i'm thinking it might involved flannel shirts and the outdoors. 


04 November 2010


by makr.  and while i'm at it, can i have the ipad case too?

03 November 2010

office supplies.

i wish i had not come across this little shop.  you see we, are moving in just a bit more than a month and my office is being upgraded from it's 5x7 nook to a complete room with space for tables and desks and the press.  which means, obviously, more room for stuff.  but you see, i don't need more stuff, or do i?  i definitely don't need any more washi tape, definitely ... right?

{terrier, tape, dispensers}

02 November 2010

i've found my cape.

and honestly, i didn't even know i was looking for one.

01 November 2010

it was crazy.

my mom and i headed north for a quick girls weekend.  we went to dc and attempted the rally to restore sanity/fear.  but, neither of us are too fond of crowds, and we left after standing in line for t-shirts and spending about an hour staking out our territory and being smushed out of it.  there were just too many people and there was an incident involving a bathroom break that resulted in the two of us scraping along strangers giving us dirty looks for a good 20 minutes - separately.  yes, we should have known better, and yes we left before it started.  we went straight to good stuff eatery and soothed our frayed nerves with cheeseburgers and french fries (what else would you expect?).  but dc was wonderful and it was fun to take a road trip with my mom, because the last time we did that i was 14.