01 November 2010

it was crazy.

my mom and i headed north for a quick girls weekend.  we went to dc and attempted the rally to restore sanity/fear.  but, neither of us are too fond of crowds, and we left after standing in line for t-shirts and spending about an hour staking out our territory and being smushed out of it.  there were just too many people and there was an incident involving a bathroom break that resulted in the two of us scraping along strangers giving us dirty looks for a good 20 minutes - separately.  yes, we should have known better, and yes we left before it started.  we went straight to good stuff eatery and soothed our frayed nerves with cheeseburgers and french fries (what else would you expect?).  but dc was wonderful and it was fun to take a road trip with my mom, because the last time we did that i was 14.