25 October 2010


i'm going to say that being back on the east coast is good for a couple of reasons, but so far one of the best is being so close to chicago.  we've been back twice in the past three months (three times in the past year) and with those two trips we've spent about two month's rent on food - which was obviously  so. completely. WORTH IT.

this time it was the publican for delicious food and beer, sultan's for falafel, fox and obel for eggs bene and oatmeal, the wormhole for a honey latte and peanut butter mocha, mercadito for tequila drinks, and veerasway for scallops and chutney.  our last meal was argo tea at the airport, which i guess ranks only slightly below potbelly at the airport (and really since it was morning, argo was much more appreciated).

we also saw friends, went to A WEDDING and walked for hours.  oh, oh i finally made it into the boring store! which was (shameful, i know) there while we were residents, i'm so embarrassed i never bothered to figure it out.  but we went and it was awesome.


  1. you are KILLING ME with the food. and of course the coffee.

  2. i thought about you a lot while on such a trip. i am sorry. i'll be sure to add a disclaimer next time ... but did you see THE BORING STORE?!?!

  3. yum, everything looks amazing. i've only been to chicago once and i'm dying to go back, especially since husband has never been. i'm saving this post.