30 July 2009

i know i said wednesday

but moving sucks and it is taking so.much.longer than i expected. i wish i could just go and sit on the lawn for a bit, but for now it is one or two or three last trips and then a cleaning frenzy. then lots of alcohol outside on our porch to make the mess inside seem a bit more ok.

ps - our house is adorable and about to burst at the edges, we have a mouse and a fair few spiders, also i love it, it is wonderful.


23 July 2009

the owl's nest

so everyone, the final word came through (i say this with a bit of hesitation as no contracts have been signed ...) we have someone renting our current house which means we are officially moving to our new home the owl's nest! i have so much to do the next few days as we are trying to be completely out of here by sunday, and no we haven't started packing. plus there is work to be done for cevd. and a lot of it at that.

so i think you know what is coming next ... i need a blogging break. hopefully just until monday, but i am going to say until wednesday just in case. but when i am back there is going to be much to talk about and an entire slew of before and afters! you guys this house is so freaking cute, but it needs a bit of paint here and there, and well it is tiny so the storage solutions are going to be interesting. plus i just received my yudu in the mail and i have a massive printing project due saturday, so i'll give you a run down on my gocco replacement (sad...very sad.)

until then have a lovely weekend everyone!

ps - yes our house actually has a name, how fantastic is that?

{picture above of frances sitting on our new front/back porch - apparently mas thinks it a back porch, but i am insistent that it is the front}

22 July 2009

things are busy

and it seems as though wedding wednesday ALWAYS suffers for it.

{image by lillian and leonard}

21 July 2009

squash blossoms

so yesterday i had a gaggle of squash blossoms that needed to be eaten, immediately. i had never before cooked squash blossoms and was kinda lost, so i enlisted the help of pretty much everyone i could think of and landed on this recipe from saipua.

for a first try i would say it went swimmingly. i think i overbattered the poor blossoms and the cheesy insides didn't make the statement i was hoping for, so next time i think i am going to add something, though i'm not exactly sure what.

we enjoyed them with pizza from a new pizza place that was recommended to us by the people who are currently applying to free us from our apartment, and while i wasn't too sure when i walked in (it smelled kinda like chuck e cheese only minus the kids) i would hands down order from them again. we went with half pepperoni and half mushroom and pineapple ... then sprinkled both sides with fresh cilantro procured the night before from a friend's garden. all in all i would say it was a pretty good time.

20 July 2009

my new favorite

found on style/SWOON by way of design*sponge ashes and milk is my new new favoritey fave fave. and i am not kidding. i love every last thing available on the site particularly this :

{hemlock 82 by brian nash gill}

and then there is the oiseaux de la france - grande bleu by claire redor which has left me wanting an entire family of oiseaux.

and did i mention the sheer fantastic(ness) of their website? ohmygodican'timaginebetter.

under things

i've been convinced that my target underpinnings should be replaced, immediately, with the likes of anything similar to these.

{image and undergarments found on an apple a day}

baby carrots

a wee bit ago this conversation between mas, myself and a third was had :

cevd : *pulling a bag of baby carrots out of thirds fridge* you know baby carrots are just regular carrots whittled down to baby size right?

third : yes

mas : who doesn't know that?

cevd : well if you know it WHY do you still buy them?


i take issue with the amount of waste created with this concept and really have no idea why anyone would buy baby carrots after knowing they were in fact just regular carrots. so can you tell me, 1. were you aware that baby carrots were in fact regular carrots made small and 2. if you were in fact aware did it stop you from buying the minis?

(you can be honest, i won't judge, i promise)

{picture found here}

16 July 2009

fun times in photo booths

look at this wedding wednesday has trickled over to thursday. well goodness me. next week i will be more put together, i promise.

anyway. check out this super swanky photo booth over at kiss the groom. i. love. it.


i want to go here :

{our beach does not look like this. but i kinda wish it did. because wouldn't it be lovely to lounge by the waves under one of those umbrellas? picture found here}

and wear this :

{no really i want to wear this. it is even on sale. i though $60 was reasonable and i am so tempted to spring for the now $42 suit (by a.p.c.) that perhaps i should step away from the computer}

15 July 2009

things i like

so i know i said soon, but what i meant was eventually ... you can forgive me right? oh and i don't do inspiration boards so you will have to deal with my wedding likes in separate pictures.

{pictures that you actually like ... and won't tire of, and aren't that gross posed business}

{bird cage veils ... duh. i know they are everywhere but i still LOVE them}

{doughnuts! i have heard rumors that these are the new cupcakes, and you know what i'm ok with that}

{what are these called? flags on string? garlands? whatever they are i like them .. a lot}

{photo credits for 1. 2. 3. 4.}

they're back

and yes we bought some last night and yes i made myself sick on the pink and white goodies. i can't help it i LOVE circus cookies, and it had just been soooooooo long.

weddingness to come soon, i promise.

{image found here}

14 July 2009

fonts i am lusting over



wedding wednesday on tuesday

because my schedule has been everywhere recently i kinda figured it wouldn't be too horrible if i posted this a day early. and i am kinda in love with it and maybe couldn't wait ... serious self control issues over here. but isn't it pretty?

and dare i say reasonably priced? coming in at $1000 ($1500 if you opt for a fitting with the designer in la). oh yeah and it is made of memory fabric with metal threading for adjustable volume ... lovely.

more info here.

paper cutouts

most amazing paper cutouts by mayuko fujino who also has an etsy shop. happy tuesday.

13 July 2009

i'm pretty sure i need this dress

you know to go with my studio! it's true guys, mas and i went down and signed a lease yesterday (me doing the signing him doing the diligent lawyer/sweet husband things). now all that we need to do is rent out current apartment out (anyone in the grover beach.ca area in need?!?!) and all of the stress and bad thoughts will be gone ... well that and i need to find out how to get this dress in my closet.

{sass and bide dress available here}

our weekend part 1

ok guys it was a really good weekend ... hence the part one ... and it started relatively early friday afternoon. i biked to mas' work and we drove home together ... past these :

and these :

that's right, fields of glorious and beautiful flowers. it was insane. i loved it and kinda couldn't believe it.

10 July 2009

skin series bud vase

the name kinda creeped me out, but i am very much in like with the concept. these lovely little bud vases are made from the most mysterious material. what looks to be porcelain (at least online) is actually a soft and moldable plastic.

we have nary a bud vase in our possession and i think that is just a wee bit wrong.

{bud vases by the might bearcats available for purchase here}

the blog is not dead

yesterday mas asked me if my blog was dead. i replied with a very convincing NO (or at least i thought it convincing) and he continued to look at me in that doubtful way. to which i had to reply with too many words about my feelings regarding the world today and our grim housing situation (it's gotten bad guys but i am still holding out hope that it will all work out in the end).

so yes, i spent the last couple of days in a black hole of self-wallowing ... and yes, i figured it was better to leave the blog out of it, because it is after all a place for my pretty things ... and yes i am sorry for disappearing, but you should know, the blog is not dead, it was just on a brief break.

to make everything better i am going to spend the rest of my day twirling and then the posts will come.

{photo by fine tuning}

07 July 2009

i'm swamped

but that doesn't mean i'm not up for showing you some ridiculously amazing ceramics by studio violet. check out the whole site for some pretty pretties.

06 July 2009


i have been sans watch for a while now but am reconsidering that choice. this watch isn't very girly or delicate (which i'm not actually sure i am looking for) but it is bright and bold and hanging out in my mind. so maybe i will put it on my birthday list?

{time teller p watch by nixon}

cup cakes

did you see these over at esb? oh my. i might NEED to start collecting tea sets for the sole purpose of serving cake out of them.

{cup cakes by megan van heck, found on east side bride}