23 July 2009

the owl's nest

so everyone, the final word came through (i say this with a bit of hesitation as no contracts have been signed ...) we have someone renting our current house which means we are officially moving to our new home the owl's nest! i have so much to do the next few days as we are trying to be completely out of here by sunday, and no we haven't started packing. plus there is work to be done for cevd. and a lot of it at that.

so i think you know what is coming next ... i need a blogging break. hopefully just until monday, but i am going to say until wednesday just in case. but when i am back there is going to be much to talk about and an entire slew of before and afters! you guys this house is so freaking cute, but it needs a bit of paint here and there, and well it is tiny so the storage solutions are going to be interesting. plus i just received my yudu in the mail and i have a massive printing project due saturday, so i'll give you a run down on my gocco replacement (sad...very sad.)

until then have a lovely weekend everyone!

ps - yes our house actually has a name, how fantastic is that?

{picture above of frances sitting on our new front/back porch - apparently mas thinks it a back porch, but i am insistent that it is the front}


  1. I am SO thrilled for you!! Just seeing what you did with your wedding.. I know your creativity with Owls Nest is gong to be amazing. I LOVE the name! Was it already named or did you come up with it?? Congrats!!!

  2. it was already named ... so.excited!

  3. looks SO cute! congrats and good luck with the move!

  4. that may be the most precious home and it even has the best name... congratulations!

  5. It looks so beautiful and I can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. How do you get ON to the front/back porch?