21 July 2009

squash blossoms

so yesterday i had a gaggle of squash blossoms that needed to be eaten, immediately. i had never before cooked squash blossoms and was kinda lost, so i enlisted the help of pretty much everyone i could think of and landed on this recipe from saipua.

for a first try i would say it went swimmingly. i think i overbattered the poor blossoms and the cheesy insides didn't make the statement i was hoping for, so next time i think i am going to add something, though i'm not exactly sure what.

we enjoyed them with pizza from a new pizza place that was recommended to us by the people who are currently applying to free us from our apartment, and while i wasn't too sure when i walked in (it smelled kinda like chuck e cheese only minus the kids) i would hands down order from them again. we went with half pepperoni and half mushroom and pineapple ... then sprinkled both sides with fresh cilantro procured the night before from a friend's garden. all in all i would say it was a pretty good time.


  1. The thing in that last photo is incredibly beautiful. I'm not entirely convinced that it's food though...

  2. yay I love when you two post your dinner photos.