15 July 2009

things i like

so i know i said soon, but what i meant was eventually ... you can forgive me right? oh and i don't do inspiration boards so you will have to deal with my wedding likes in separate pictures.

{pictures that you actually like ... and won't tire of, and aren't that gross posed business}

{bird cage veils ... duh. i know they are everywhere but i still LOVE them}

{doughnuts! i have heard rumors that these are the new cupcakes, and you know what i'm ok with that}

{what are these called? flags on string? garlands? whatever they are i like them .. a lot}

{photo credits for 1. 2. 3. 4.}


  1. Hehehe! Your "flags on strings" are called bunting!

  2. Bunting, it's called bunting!

    Although I think bunting's a british word.

    I like what you like too. Especially doughnuts.

  3. I think it's called bunting on this side of the pond, too. I love it!

  4. here, we call it banderitas =D


  5. I made some of my own its really easy... you can just cut triangles from magazines and glue them to the string