30 July 2009

i know i said wednesday

but moving sucks and it is taking so.much.longer than i expected. i wish i could just go and sit on the lawn for a bit, but for now it is one or two or three last trips and then a cleaning frenzy. then lots of alcohol outside on our porch to make the mess inside seem a bit more ok.

ps - our house is adorable and about to burst at the edges, we have a mouse and a fair few spiders, also i love it, it is wonderful.



  1. i know how you feel! we're moving in 2 weeks and we have to clean realllly well to make sure we get our deposit back. good luck and have fun breaking in the new place!

  2. OWLS' NEST! Owls owls owls! Cooncern: Don't owls eat mouses?

  3. awwww. spiders are good. they eat mosquitos. and i think it would be okay if an owl ate the mouse.

    Amanda? thoughts?