10 July 2009

the blog is not dead

yesterday mas asked me if my blog was dead. i replied with a very convincing NO (or at least i thought it convincing) and he continued to look at me in that doubtful way. to which i had to reply with too many words about my feelings regarding the world today and our grim housing situation (it's gotten bad guys but i am still holding out hope that it will all work out in the end).

so yes, i spent the last couple of days in a black hole of self-wallowing ... and yes, i figured it was better to leave the blog out of it, because it is after all a place for my pretty things ... and yes i am sorry for disappearing, but you should know, the blog is not dead, it was just on a brief break.

to make everything better i am going to spend the rest of my day twirling and then the posts will come.

{photo by fine tuning}


  1. we miss you! hope everything is OK!

  2. It's summer... let those creative pieces grow and harvest them in fall.



  3. What can I say? I'm a ppp fan.

  4. Mwah. Take your time. *We* didn't think it was dead (though I approve of Mas proding your creative side).

  5. It never crossed my mind that PPP might be dead, just resting a little. I'm glad you're back though, xx