15 October 2008

where do the hours go?

{years by essimar available here at paper n stitch}

i am taking a little break from the blogging in order to get ready to leave town on saturday. i have about a million and a half things to do and hardly any time to do them all. i will be back next week with some pictures and other details of the upcoming nuptial event, until then have you checked out paper n stich? oh my i think i have a new crush.

13 October 2008

in celebration of columbus day!

{poster found on design*sponge and available here}

honestly i don't remember the last time i even knew it was columbus day, but today mas has the day off and i am going to try and stay away from my computer ... at least for a little bit. we have some wedding stuff to take care of, like having his tux tailored (he finally found the perfect one at john varvatos and it is PERFECT) and then i have a truck load of projects arriving at my door today so i am going to be up to my eyeballs in paper. i love mondays like this.

11 October 2008

ivana helsinki

i love this scarf by the finnish company ivana helsinki. available at belkina. and the rest of their clothing, well i love it too, but it is a bit harder to find.

10 October 2008

have a fabulous weekend.

{picture by a wonderful wedding photographer kate headley}

i am off to enjoy my last weekend at home before the wedding! this time next week i will be frantically throwing everything i own into a suitcase and getting ready to head to the south. i cannot tell you how excited i am for the crisp weather, fall leaves, family time and the thought of being a wife - oh my. i guess the countdown has officially started. i hope everyone does something quite fun and fall like this weekend.

the kind of day it isn't

{la dee da print by dozi and available here in her etsy shop}

i love la dee da days. you know the kind where you can from project to project at a leisurely pace? well i guess it is the ever closer wedding that makes me feel as though i have a million things to do, making today an anti - la dee da day. but i am ok with that. in fact i am on a roll. i love being this busy and actually having the time to sit down and do the work. i have no errands or meetings today. it is just me and my computer. how lovely.

have i mentioned before ...

that i like pretty and white and lacey things? well i do, i just can't help it. i also like decals.

{decals by BY:AMT for Studio Jan Habraken for Blik and available here}

09 October 2008

listen to me rant (because it is so much fun)

i woke up this morning, grabbed my coffee and sat down at my computer to race through some emails before i headed to my day of meetings. shockingly there wasn't a single email in my inbox. i don't get an insane amount of email, but someone always wants to sell me something around 4 in the morning so i found it odd. i called mas and had him send me an email. alas it didn't make it. and now the fun begins.

for the past hour and a half i have been trying to talk tech support people into fixing whatever issues they are having but no such luck. at this point i am supposed to wait until they can get their sh*t together and eventually my emails will begin to "trickle" in. i am sorry if i owe you an email, i am hoping to be up and running again soon. if you have sent me something and have not received a response, would you mind sending that something again to aninvitationstudio{at}gmail{dot}com?

ok sorry for the abundance of negative words. i am off for a couple of meetings and a dress fitting "). goodness this wedding is SOON!

08 October 2008

for the boys

{most fantastic boys hoodie ever available here}

i think mas might need this, or do i need him to need this because i love it SO much? i don't know but am willing to find out.

paris fashion week + invitations

i am hoping wedding invitations start moving in this direction ...

{kenzo invite found here}

i can't say i have ever even attempted any pop up anything but i am up for the challenge. click here for the accompanying article and a video of the mcqueen invite.

caroline swift

i don't typically like to post about anything from design*sponge because everyone reads grace's lovely blog, but seriously i just couldn't help myself. how wonderful is this work? those bone china spoons, oh my ... the black ceramic flowers, yes please .... and a warm hello to the cashmere sweater. all by a most amazing woman, caroline swift.

07 October 2008

clever people

i'm kinda liking these roller coasters by words, inc. available here. too bad i seem to have a nasty aversion to coasters. for some reason i would just rather clean up those rings of moisture left of the table ...

just lovely

i saw these flowers on little winter bride. aren't they pretty? i think i would like them by my desk.

06 October 2008

oh my ...

the day has passed with lightning speed. it was a wretched night which started with several wakings by frances who still isn't feeling well and a very early alarm. i am exhausted and so incredibly busy i can't believe it. i will be back tomorrow with some goodies but for now i must head back to my little cubby and get to work.

on the brighter side the weather here is wonderful ... for a summer day that is.

05 October 2008

pretty and white and lacey

{from pistachio press' etsy shop}

i love most things pretty and white and lacey. plus my heart just flutters for almost anything blind stamped.

03 October 2008

if you haven't seen this watch it.

if you have seen this ... hooray!


yes i know the cards are wonderful, but can we talk about the packaging for a second? i love these boxes! they are filled with letterpress cards, from orange beautiful, just waiting to be opened ... or maybe kept shut? available here.

please someone buy this!

and then send me pictures of you wearing it. i love this dress, and would grab it in a heart beat if i thought i might be able to fit into it. available in the neringaci etsy shop found on perfect bound.

02 October 2008

i may be crazy but,

i have always wanted to have scented candles around my ceremony and reception. i don't know where the idea came from, and maybe it is my insane sensitivity to all things smelly, but i am going to purchase these for the bathrooms and tents. have i lost it? i mean really?
{votivo deep clover candle, aka the scent of our wedding, available here}

i love invitations

and i am LOVING this one from the friends of the lovely blogger behind beautiful paper. the invitation is so personal and wonderful you must click over to see the rest of the group.

crazy calendars

goodness they are everywhere these days. i guess that means the holidays are upon us. but it is only october! i do wish i could postpone the winter holiday bonanza until thanksgiving is over ...

back to calendars. this one is my favorite so far. i originally spotted it here, but it is available here.

01 October 2008

field of dreams

how wonderful would it be to approach a seemingly empty field only to turn the bend and see this?

{lighting design by bruce monro found here}

clever campaining

i am hands down impressed with all of the campaign art that is floating around these days. i love the approach that the obama campaign is taking and then there are all of the extras popping up from creatives all over ...

obama pin set available here and found on lovely morning.

pretty dresses

simple and lovely from chicago designer horacio nieto.