09 October 2008

listen to me rant (because it is so much fun)

i woke up this morning, grabbed my coffee and sat down at my computer to race through some emails before i headed to my day of meetings. shockingly there wasn't a single email in my inbox. i don't get an insane amount of email, but someone always wants to sell me something around 4 in the morning so i found it odd. i called mas and had him send me an email. alas it didn't make it. and now the fun begins.

for the past hour and a half i have been trying to talk tech support people into fixing whatever issues they are having but no such luck. at this point i am supposed to wait until they can get their sh*t together and eventually my emails will begin to "trickle" in. i am sorry if i owe you an email, i am hoping to be up and running again soon. if you have sent me something and have not received a response, would you mind sending that something again to aninvitationstudio{at}gmail{dot}com?

ok sorry for the abundance of negative words. i am off for a couple of meetings and a dress fitting "). goodness this wedding is SOON!


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