13 October 2008

in celebration of columbus day!

{poster found on design*sponge and available here}

honestly i don't remember the last time i even knew it was columbus day, but today mas has the day off and i am going to try and stay away from my computer ... at least for a little bit. we have some wedding stuff to take care of, like having his tux tailored (he finally found the perfect one at john varvatos and it is PERFECT) and then i have a truck load of projects arriving at my door today so i am going to be up to my eyeballs in paper. i love mondays like this.


  1. Isn't Varvatos the best? My groom wore a gorgeous linen wool three piece suit by JV and sometimes I still like to go to the closet and fondle it. He makes phenomenal shoes, too. One of my greatest coups was at the JV sample sale last May, where I bought a pair of $500 boots for $75. I still get giddy remembering the experience :)

    What I want to know is where is the equivalent in awesomeness for women's designers? Nothing that I've found for me seems to compare...