29 June 2011

confession #2.

every time i get out of the shower i place a small dollop of moroccan oil in my palms and douse my ends, it smells delicious.  i then take a fair amount of that MOST AMAZING PRODUCT, bb texture, and massage it through all of my hair.  it's gooey and weird, but seriously does the most amazing things to my hair.  and then after my bangs are mostly dry i spritz them with some of that renee furterer dry shampoo ... you know to keep them from going all gross and greasy.  yet still EVERY.SINGLE.DAY my hair is up in a top knot.  i might make it five minutes at my desk before it gets there, but without fail it's up before lunch.

maybe i need a haircut (ok that is a definite) and maybe i am a little lazy (another definite) but i'm starting to feel, well, a little lame.

27 June 2011

confession #1.

i bite my nails.  it's a BAD habit, i know and i kind of gross myself out with it.  which is why i always keep them painted.  so last week when i saw this i went to my bin full of *crafty* stuff and pulled out those martha stewart glitters i bought before christmas.  finally a use for my michael's impulse purchase!  and let me tell you, it has quickly turned into an obsession.  last week, grey and green.  this week a pale peach (which i cannot find anywhere and can't remember the name of! super frustrating.) and rose gold.  mas thinks i've lost my mind and i'm not sure i disagree ... all of this sparkle, it's not my norm.

23 June 2011

washington, dc.

in seven days mas, frances the prius and i will pack up and leave nc.
in seven days mas, frances the prius and i will be dc residents.
in eleven days we will close on our HOUSE.
in twelve days i will return to nc and watch the movers pack us up.
in fourteen days i will watch the movers come back and put our stuff in a truck.

why might there be two days in between the pack up and ship out despite the fact that we NO LONGER LIVE IN NC you ask?  i have no idea.  this move has been a logistical nightmare.  when we first called they told us they couldn't get us out of nc until the end of july.  THE END OF JULY.  are you kidding me?  with a lot of phone calling on mas' part and the world's nicest land lords we finally figured it out.  like today.  we are offically outta here on the 8th ... which should give us just enough time to have the floors refinished before our furniture makes the nice day trip north.  another questionable part of this move ... nine days to make the five hour drive?  whatever.  at least i don't have to pack.

oh, and in fifteen days i will be back in dc, for good.


17 June 2011

new favorite sea creature.

mas and i started oceans last night.  started, not finished.  i conked out around the 27 minute mark ... it was a long day ...

but don't you want an blanket octopus now?  isn't it one of the most amazing things you have ever seen?  if you've not seen oceans, i would recommend it* if only for the floating silk cloth that magically turns into a real life octopus.

*i'm actually a bit disappointed with the educational value of oceans.  i've yet to learn anything other than the name of the creature i'm now obsessed with.  it's a quiet and more poetic take on a documentary, which is fine, but not what i was really hoping for.

{image via wired science}

15 June 2011


the english national ballet has invited a few designers to take on the tutu.  and in case you didn't know this about me ... I LOVE A GOOD TUTU.  and pointe shoes, but that is a different story altogether. 

{1. wright & teague  2.  kinder aggugini  3.  roksanda illincic  4.  giles deacon}

bad day.

apparently that walk this morning ... down the block and around the corner to the market, was just a bit too much.  or maybe she's heard the rumblings about the move?  or perhaps it was the offensive manner in which i tossed cheerios her way?  whatever it was, frances is having a very bad day.

14 June 2011

stripes and flowers.

i've spent too much time today talking about finances to have any brain power left. which is maybe why i spent the last hour checking out the resort collections and falling in love with theyskens' theory and stella mccartney, particularly the stripes and floral above.

13 June 2011

since we last spoke.

-- we found a DIFFERENT house, signed a contract, had an inspection, and learned the seller's agent is a tart.  all is still well and closing is set for the first week of july, but i'm completely sour on the entire real estate business (except for our field agent, she is a keeper).  i mean really?  STOP FUCKING WITH US.  i hate the games and the back and forth and the lying.  although i am quite happy that the little smoker lady selling the house has someone looking out for her ...

-- we celebrated father's day a week early.  no one seemed to notice though, which was nice of them.

-- there was a ton of in-law time spent in denver.

-- i turned my lt. pink skinny jeans that always looked a little bit, well ok, a lot bad on me, into a fairly decent pair of cut-offs.

-- frances wimped out on every. single. walk. taken in the past few days due to the heat.

-- i made fruity pebble rice crispy treats and realized that if i just PUT THEM AWAY i wouldn't have to eat all of them rightthisveryminute.

-- we sold our second car.  mas' car.  the nicer, newer one that had fewer miles.  but also came with a cloth top, no jedi-like hauling ability and a monthly payment.  we are now the proud owners of one car and an almost house in a city with public transportation.  mas is only a little bit sad (about the car, not the move).

-- i realized that we are due to leave in less than three weeks.  LESS THAN THREE WEEKS.  i'm so excited i could pee.

{the vast wasteland will become one big landscape, 1 by michael cina ... isn't it wonderful?}

01 June 2011

if you could live forever, would you?

last night mas and i watched a documentary about ray kurzweil, a documentary that was not very good, and it took us back to that endless conversation we seem to have ... would you live forever if you could?  neither of our answers EVER change and still we struggle to grasp the complete insanity of the other's.  mas is more than sure he'd take on eternity, while i would rather just not fuss with it all.  according to kurzweil we'll be perfectly poised to make this decision in our lifetime (another issue entirely), and mas and i have a wager going, so tell me, would you live forever if you could?

{snowy trees and diamond photo by sarah hermans via the aviary via esb, i've been melting over here the past few days and am looking forward to winter ... already}