31 August 2012

pearl dive.

the other night we FINALLY made it to pearl dive oyster palace, a place i continue to call pearl dive oyster bar, over and over and over again.  the palace is really throwing me off for some reason.  whatever, it doesn't matter.

it's delicious.  the oysters were of course spot on and the fried chicken (yes, they have fried chicken) is divine.  also, the drinks.  gotta give a shout out to the small, but so well done, drink list.  i started with a fleur 75 and ended with a pearl cup.  the fleur 75 was the palest shade of violette - so pretty - and the pearl cup came in a mason jar - totally fitting.  

30 August 2012

bathing suits.

for someone who hates the sun, the warm weather and sitting on the beach ... or by the pool ... or anywhere exposed and hot really ... i've a major obsession with swim wear (exhibit a).  so the fact that these might have jumped to the top spot of my must have list is both confusing and completely predictable.

{lauren moffatt swim 2013 via refinery 29}

29 August 2012

flats, black ones.

i'm a big believer in having a nice pair of black flats when september rolls around.  i live in them.  for, like, the entire fall and winter.

{cap toe flat, Messeca New York}

27 August 2012

still summer here.

typical case of the grass is always greener syndrome.  i'm sure once may rolls around and the temperatures are steadily hovering around 45 i'll wish there wasn't evidence of my saying it, but summer ... go away.

that being said, maybe we need to take summer vacations to places that still have glacial ice?  maybe that is the solution.

{image by olaf otto becker via but does it float}

22 August 2012

August in AVL

sometimes i use mas' insane work schedule as an excuse to take a break and head to the mountains.  when we lived in eastern north carolina i was spending what seemed like half of my time in asheville.  but then we moved to dc and i settled in.  found local clients.  found local friends.  and now i'm making it back, what seems like, quarterly.

i'll fill you in on the details little by little over the next few days but the BEST PART EVER was the weather.  my friends, i lounged around in jeans and flannels and light sweaters OVER BUTTONDOWN SHIRTS.  i went for runs and did not want to kill myself.  i had coffee, of the non-iced variety, in the afternoon.

oh dc, you've cooled, but you're not quite where i want you.  winter can honestly not come soon enough ... though i would be willing to settle for fall.

10 August 2012

our neighborhood rocks.

the eddy, the bar inside of hank's oyster bar's new capitol hill location, has won my heart.  our neighborhood was awesome before their arrival, but now, now we have a place where we can go and grab a not-too-fancy but utterly delicious drinks*.  also, oysters.  yay capitol hill!  i love you more than ever ... which is saying something.

* to be fair our current favorite, the atlas room, fits the above criteria.  dude is serious 'bout his drinks.  but it's a touch further away, sans oysters and, really, it is always good to have OPTIONS.

{the old salt is a lovely combination of watermelon stuffs and tequila and etc.  so light and refreshing and perfect for these fucking hot and humid days (and nights).}

08 August 2012

// i took a break from the internets.
\\ we went to canada, new hampsire, massachusetts, rhode island and new york.  i'm tyring to figure out how to get back to rhode island.
// i continued my break from the internets.
\\ mas' work trips were nixed!
// i decided to quit the internets.  "cancelled" my facebook account, closed my reader "for good," and started writing a farewell to blogging post.
\\ we went to california.  i had a lot of cheeseburgers, mas had a week long class in santa clara.
// since we were on that side of the country, we went to los alamos.  mas is trying to figure out how to get back to los alamos.  ok, i am too.
\\ mas' second round of work trips were postponed!
// i turned 31.
\\ i logged back into my reader.  had too many posts to even consider reading.  unsubscribed to about 50% of my feed.
// i decided that quitting the internet was perhaps just a harsh reaction to a couple of bad days.
\\ we wound up with cable and more importantly hbo.  our one tv is in the basement ... where other people are currently living.  but hbogo runs very well on the ipad.  i've since blown through big love, true blood, and hung.  ok i didn't blow through hung, i stopped watching it.  also newsroom.  we're obsessed.  and game of thrones.

// i missed the internets.  so i came back.  except for facebook.  i think that relationship is over for good.

{photo from our road trip from santa clara to los almos by way of big sur}