28 February 2011

daniel egnéus.

i'm quite fond of these mad hatters.

the oscars.

my favorite, by far.

25 February 2011

now. please.

it's been a while since i've fallen so quickly in love.  and so i suppose it's only fitting that i've fallen hard.  i need this.  now.

ps - there is also a muskrat skull available...

{porcelain coyote skull by beetle & flor available at magpie & rye}

24 February 2011

pretty and white.

doo.ri spring 2011 and crepe paper in my office, i think i need more of both.

22 February 2011

today is tuesday.

frances is mad at me ... and has been all day long ... i've more work than can be accomplished today (that is what tomorrow is for i suppose) and my mom is coming to stay with us for the night.

i needed something quiet and grijs was the perfect answer. isn't the whole blog just, beautiful?

21 February 2011

happy president's day.

i'm off outside somewhere doing things that one does when it is 72 and sunny.

18 February 2011

grey jeans, sunny skies.

yup. it's nice outside, the weather people were not lying.  i mean, it's california nice*.  which equals me wearing my favorite combination: jeans // tank top // cardigan.  also flip flops.  if i could wear jeans and tank tops and cardigans every day, i think i'd like the south a bit more ... as in a california kind of like, more*.

*as in when the fuck are we going BACK?

{jeans, which are no longer available in grey, but they are available in white and i love 'em so much i might need a second ... or, um, third pair // tank // cardigan // peonies}

bird eggs of australia.

i am seriously in love with all of the pretty pastels that have been popping up all over the place.  i've never (or well at least not for a LONG while) been so smitten with such light, ethereal colors, and now i find myself lusting after light pink walls and the palest of blue plates. 

on a side note, it is going to be 75 here today which means, i'm afraid, we've hit spring, like for good, as in pollen soup and summer heat are just around the corner. 

{available here from cake from giants}

17 February 2011

georges antoni.

you should just go ahead and block of a good chunk of time to check out dude's portfolio(s) they are all AUHMAZING.

silk tulle and black lace.

marchesa // fall 2011, rothko // classic.

16 February 2011

and while we are on the subject ...

this needs to be happening in my closet for spring.

{painting by michelle armas via chelsea; pyrite necklace, mossiere ; top, textile elizabeth and james; skirt, chloe; shoes, madison harding}

why yes, yes please.

i've been searching high and low for a new bag.  one that isn't too big, all of my bags are too big, but at the same time, it needs to hold my shit.  i would like for it to be awesome, and this one is awesome.  i guess i would also prefer it if it were in my price range ...

15 February 2011

today is one of those days.

you know the kind, where all you want to do is go downstairs, make some doughnuts?  i'm only half blaming the mood on that new fryer of ours. we used it last night for french fries, and let's just say they were delicious.  we're still not sure if the fryer was the best decision we've ever made, or the worst ...

{image via forty-sixth at grace}

14 February 2011

thakoon. swoon.

from the fall 2011 collection. also i'm kind of digging the red and blue buffalo plaid he's got going on.

11 February 2011

the anthropolgist.

how late to the game am i?  have you all been following the anthropologist for ages?  i wish you had told me about it.  i'm simply enamored.  right now shawn davis is amazing me with his flies, of all things.  and then there are the archives, don't even get me started on the archives.

10 February 2011

iceland, i'm ready to go back.

you know, during the summer, with our bikes.  we could pedal around the whole country.  find random holes in the ground filled with steaming water.  just enjoy the ness of iceland.  and maybe never come back?

{images by olaf otto becker}

09 February 2011

birthday, cookie fail, dogs playing.

i'm in asheville for my dad's birthday and so far it has been a lesson in apps.  good ones, like flipboard, how did i live without YOU??? and bad ones like photoage, shocking that one doesn't work, eh?  we've planned dinner at a new restaurant in town and lunch at an old favorite.  frances is stealing dens and those cookies that i thought were failures, well they actually turned out to taste super delicious a day later.  oh AND there might even be snow tomorrow, SNOW.  mas and i live in the part of nc that has already passed on winter so it's nice to spend a day or two with the possibility.  i swear if i go the entire season without a single snowflake ... well, i don't know what i will do, but i can tell you i will be near monster level pissed by the end of the undoubtedly disgustingly hot summer.

{image by alicia bock}

07 February 2011

how 'bout it?


while i'm convinced it will just be an spendy version of hipstamatic (the light leaks would have to be all in the programming after all) i still kind of love it.  and would buy one in heartbeat ... if they existed in meatspace. 

04 February 2011

mark allen miller.

will you be my friend?

tiny posts for my ears.

i'm in the market.

{tiny sapphires by blanca monros gomez via magpie & rye; cone studs by mociun; tiny hearts via catbird; talon studs via catbird}

02 February 2011

light echos and star bursts.

i've been geeking out with my star walk app recently.  i think it's the fact that i'm alerted when they post the new picture of the day.  but it could also be because it is AWESOME.

or you could just go to the hubble site for the awesomeness of the v838 monocerotis and a star cluster bursting into life and more.

01 February 2011

partners & spade

i'm not so secretly trying to figure out how to get IN with these guys.  they are my fave, i LOVE them, and wouldn't mind nestling into their world for a few years ...

also mas might NEED one of those painted canvas ties.