09 February 2011

birthday, cookie fail, dogs playing.

i'm in asheville for my dad's birthday and so far it has been a lesson in apps.  good ones, like flipboard, how did i live without YOU??? and bad ones like photoage, shocking that one doesn't work, eh?  we've planned dinner at a new restaurant in town and lunch at an old favorite.  frances is stealing dens and those cookies that i thought were failures, well they actually turned out to taste super delicious a day later.  oh AND there might even be snow tomorrow, SNOW.  mas and i live in the part of nc that has already passed on winter so it's nice to spend a day or two with the possibility.  i swear if i go the entire season without a single snowflake ... well, i don't know what i will do, but i can tell you i will be near monster level pissed by the end of the undoubtedly disgustingly hot summer.

{image by alicia bock}


  1. chiles in nogada?! do you know how hard that is to find? even in california where all the mexicans live? so jealous...

  2. i'll keep my fingers crossed for snow, for you.