15 February 2011

today is one of those days.

you know the kind, where all you want to do is go downstairs, make some doughnuts?  i'm only half blaming the mood on that new fryer of ours. we used it last night for french fries, and let's just say they were delicious.  we're still not sure if the fryer was the best decision we've ever made, or the worst ...

{image via forty-sixth at grace}


  1. we can't get one - we would never eat anything not-fried again.

    although in greece, most families had little fryers, and i have to say that omelets (made with absolutely fresh eggs from yia-yia's chickens) + french fries straight out of the fryer is one of the most perfect meals i've ever eaten. magical.

  2. i have considered buying a fryer too altho have held back so far.....the thought of making my owns thin hot chips or coating chicken pcs in tempura crumbs has me drooling! dayle