30 June 2010

wednesday morning.

{images from noa emberson, who i might just be in love with}

29 June 2010

hello pretty.

in my head i'm a ballerina, in real life, notsomuch (i wish i had liked those little kid dance classes more). but still, maybe i want my life to be lived in these colors? we talk of painting all of our doors a coraly salmon color and our walls grey. now we just need a bit of yellow and we are all set.


have you ever had one of those mornings?

you know the kind: wake up, go to yoga, spend extra time with husband due to new early morning yoga, come home, take a shower and then make the poor choice to take the dog for a walk before coffee (oh, if only you could rewind). an hour later you're left scowling at the computer not able to get the caffeine in quickly enough. that's where i am. attempting to tourniquet the foulness and focus on the positive (although i'm having a hard time figuring out what that is). COFFEE. there we go.

{image; thinking i need cute socks to wear with cute summer heels}

28 June 2010

my phone is off for you.

i have pretty strong feelings about cell phones at tables*. NOT ALLOWED**. i mean really people, is it that hard to either excuse yourself to take a call or just not answer it? the same goes for texts. i'm not too keen on sitting with someone while they are actively engaging someone else who is not physically in front of them. it drives me nuts and hurts my feelings (only a little). so when i came across this i fell in love, as in i want to order the five pieces of flair for everyone i know. plus how cute is that table setting? and the hot pink? ugh. perfect.

the hankies that block cell signal are kinda beyond wonderful too.

*i come by this honestly. an immediate family member of mine travels with a cell phone jammer. i know horrifying. though he only uses it when he deems it absolutely necessary.

**poor mas was subjected to my wrath last thursday at dinner ... he had a new phone, a new phone that didn't have a crack in the screen rendering the keyboard useless and causing him to not respond to two months worth of text messages. in his defense, he had started catching up with people before we went to dinner, but then we were sitting at our table and one message was sent, and then another ... that was the last.

{my phone is off for you started by Ingrid Zweifel a girl i am growing quite fond of by way of notcot}

22 June 2010

chalk board.

if mas would let me i might paint every flat surface in our house with chalk board paint (or at least all of the walls) i would. but apparently he thinks that is a tad extreme so i'm covering all of the not flat surfaces with the stuff (read : candle sticks, jars used for storage, boxes used for storage, god only knows what else ... i'm not saying for fear he might be reading and suddenly realize what i've done). anyway, i think he might be wholly on board with a chalk board globe, i mean, wouldn't you?

19 June 2010

the intentions were good.

but the follow through, lame. i'm in the mountains for the weekend and i had planned a nice bike ride (it's not even hot here) but instead i sat around painting my nails and drinking coffee. tomorrow is always another day, right?

ps - isn't that hand painted wood grain bike the best? i kinda want to take my bright blue orbea and well, give it a face lift.

18 June 2010


the number of t-shirts that currently reside in our domicile is astronomical. mas has about a million and a half and i still can't seem to loose my freshman year dorm tee ... getting an idea as to how bad the situation is? still, i want more, lots and lots and lots more. maybe we will start giving one every time we get one? sounds good, until i'm down to one of my aa tri-blends and my second college's hockey team ...

{t-shirts by w+k studio, who by the way, have the BEST onesies i have EVER SEEN.}

14 June 2010

beach balls and striped kites.

neither had a place in my weekend activities, but mas did come home after nearly two weeks away! and then we stayed inside to avoid this insane sandhills heat and watched some world cup. it was a nice weekend. a very nice weekend.

{summer time images by nichole sloan}

11 June 2010

can i have this please?

i'll take the rest of the collection as well, but please can we just start with this?

{stella mccartney resort 2011 collection via TOBACCO&LEATHER}

i'm running away.

i'm not sure where to just yet; but i'm thinking somewhere that DOESN'T give me a heat rash.


10 June 2010

for my crafting day...

which is happening when? i'm not sure, but i do happen to have some pom pom trim lying around. and I LOVE THIS NECKLACE. so maybe the planets will align and i might actually find a whole day to devote to my growing list of make me projects? oh i do hope so, it's long over due.

{sort of directions from ps - i made this, found by way of p}

cover me in gold.

because apparently it is my new favorite color.

09 June 2010

hi, new favorite online shop.

it's not just the shower curtain i need, it's the linen towels, the market backpack, the solar powered radio, and the stainless steel straws.

all items from brook farm general store.

08 June 2010

so now it's tuesday?

yesterday was spent in an iphone haze. i'm not sure if i should tell you this, but i lost the better part of my day to the incessant toggling between three live blog feeds, nearly ripping my hair out when jobs asked everyone in the moscone center to un-connect themselves from the internets and exchanging quips with my brother via ichat (all of this re: the iphone). and then it just didn't stop, after the keynote was over i spent the rest of the afternoon/evening discussing the pros and cons of the new phone with my parents. it was a completely geeked out day. and unfortunately it resulted in ZERO work being accomplished. so now, i'm woefully behind schedule and two weeks away from a new phone. you have to take the good with the bad, right?


04 June 2010

03 June 2010

yes, yes, yes please.

a few rows of these for the bathroom
(maybe 2, for all of the stuff that has no home)

and then one of these for the kitchen. i'd have to splurge on pretty pots and pans, but i'd be ok with that.

{items by produce}

02 June 2010

i'll take one, or two, or maybe three?

how fucking cool are these? i could see a little grouping sitting on my desk ... cevd, mas, fevds.

01 June 2010