20 February 2012

bedside lights.

every single night for the past, um ... eight months, i've ended the day with the aid of a headlamp hanging off the side of our bed.  i guess we* were uncertain as to where the bed would be living in the room?  or lazy?  or both?  whatever it was our level of commitment to putting things like lights in that room was non-existent.  until last week.

something happened last week.  something good.  our shithole turned into a HOUSE.  you shouldn't get too excited or anything, i've still got a ton of work to do, but for the first time since we've moved in i honestly feel as though i could invite people over.  not a whole lot of them, and not anyone i don't really know, but still this is huge step for me.  for the past eight months mas has been asking if we should maybe have so and so over for drinks before dinner.  or perhaps over for dinner?  and i've either laughed at or nearly scolded him every single time.  i've always been so obsessive about what our home looks like that i just could not take it, having someone see all of the boxes and mess and lack of seating options.   it makes me crazy just thinking about it now.

i know, i know, i'm nuts.

*when i say we here i mean mas.  having not been around for the initial set up of the bed he's convinced it will be better on another wall.  he of course, is wrong.

14 February 2012

happy valentine's.

here's wishing you at the very least a good bit of cake ... or brownie ... or doughnut.

frances and i are each other's sweethearts this year and i've already ruined it for her.  so, she's gone back to bed. i might attempt walking down to barracks row and trying out this place for the first time (i think it's the last cupcake only shop i'm left to experience). or perhaps i'll just hunker down into some projects and go for these brownies instead.  or maybe we'll head on out to the suburbs for a lowe's/petsmart trip and just hit up krispy kreme?  our options are endless and all very sugary.

{image via}

13 February 2012


i bought this kit and have watched about two hours of youtube/other videos, all of which tell me how easy knitting is if you just do it correctly.  well, let me tell you something, that is a load of crap. maybe it's because my yarn is wool and messy and i don't like messy so i go super tight and then can't move stitches (or whatever they're called) from one needle to the next?  or maybe it is because i'm starting out with 15mm wooden needles?  or maybe it's just because i'm an idiot?  it seems so easy, but seriously, you should see the shit i've come up with.  just some rats nest of yarn that is fraying because i'm constantly starting over.

so, i'm bound and determined to make that stupid snood, before it warms up even, and am wondering ... should i pick up smaller needles and yarn to practice with?  i'm talking straight up basics ... knit one purl one ... this has been impossible for me so far.  OR should i just suck it up and take a class?

07 February 2012


does this, or does this not make you tingly all over?

i can't stop watching it.

also, apparently, i need more rings.

catbird short, by the more than amazing east side bride.  shop the collection here, rose gold first knuckle ring any one?

06 February 2012


my mission this week, house plants.   we're decidedly bare, well if you don't include the various cacti in the kitchen, which are nice, but also secluded in the kitchen.

any favorite hard to kill varieties out there that are not succulents?  i used to be a pro with things such as ferns, but that was before i had an animal and literally treated all house plants as pets ... we're talking names, travel itineraries ...yeah ... i was young, they were important to me.  but since then i've been murdering everything that has a light/watering preference and now i'm scared of being a serial killer.

although, i think this could all be fixed if i just PAID ATTENTION to them?

{image via kitka, who has a pretty good selection of house plants}

02 February 2012


between all of this crazy warm weather and the spring lines being readily available for purchase, i'm having a hard time not wanting an entirely new wardrobe.

{loeffler randall spring shoes available here, and here}

01 February 2012

bread, the making of.

about once a month mas and i have THE talk.

you know, the one that goes like this :

m - oh, warm bread, YUM.
c - i know, isn't it the best?
m - yeah, we really should start making this.
c - i know, wouldn't that be the best?
m - yes, in fact, it would.  let's start.
c - hmmm, ok, how about we spend our sundays making bread and soup for the whole week!
m - perfect, let's start.

and then, something happens.  mas goes out of town, or he gets back into town and we spend our sunday doing things around the city.  like buying slabs of wood for the making of tables.  or heading out to ikea ... again ... to buy more faux wood flooring because we've decided to rip out that gross carpet in the apartment after all.  or we spend it watching homeland, etc.  whatever it is we are doing, it simply is not planning meals and breads for the upcoming week.

but those days are over. it's a little bit because that last prairie boule we nabbed from the whole foods was a disappointment.  and its a lot because i am done with disappointing bread.  also, i've got the time.  so last week in an effort to use our williams sonoma cash back, or somethingoranother coupon that expired on the 29th, i went on a shopping spree.  enter this book.   it's fantastic.

and now, i've got my starter made and am well on my way to what i hope is the most delicious county loaves around.  because there really is nothing better than fresh bread.

side note : i'm really quite a fan of these chronicle cook books, plenty has gotten a lot of play in our house recently as well.