27 April 2010

we are heading to california tomorrow, me to work + mas to play, yay! so i've been thinking about my next window display for the shop and well i'm IN LOVE with ferry staverman. these shapes and colors are kind of spot on. now the only thing i have to do is figure out how i can recreate something similar. hrmmmmmm

i kinda feel like i live here this morning.

except our house is tinier, and light grey instead of yellow. but we do have cats running around and i want a striped awning over our porch. also we have a huge bush of fuchsia flowers blooming and some pretty magnolia trees, isn't that lucky?

{sketch by karen soderquist}

26 April 2010


{1 & 2}

22 April 2010

terracotta, strawberries, spring.

after i finished eating my tomato sandwich for lunch i tucked into a nice bowl of *local* strawberries. the first strawberries i have purchased here that have been worth eating. you see, everywhere other than california is plagued with these things called seasons, and strawberries do not grow in all seasons. they hardly grow in any season here, but for now they are sweet and red and fragrant. and i am so pleased that i live a season-y life again. i always thought i missed the seasons when living out west, and now i know that i did (even if that means our produce is mostly lack luster).

oh and check our terracotta bowls ... straight from el salvador by way of mas' stepmother. i love them, they scare mas as they are made from mud ... i know.

wee little house for me please.

i like this house, it's in marfa, i like marfa. maybe one day we'll have a tiny lil' house of our own, only it will most likely not be in texas. i'm just not sure i want to live there again.

21 April 2010

it's because i live in the south.

i need things like pretty pink kate spade bike baskets. one for my groceries from the farmer's market that FINALLY started up again last weekend, and then another for my little dog frances to sit in. i mean COME ON, how cute would she be peeking out of this basket? i know, right?

19 April 2010

i've found myself wandering.

wandering around asheville in the spring time that is. what happened to spring in eastern north carolina? we skipped it i guess. i forgot there was more to this season than just the sneezy, phlem filled days of allergies.

i'm lingering in my day and a half of temperatures in the low 60's with plenty of sun, lots of new blooms, and a few fun appointments.


15 April 2010

this dress is asking to live in my closet.

and if she came over now she would make it in time for summer. she of course could bring a friend or two if she so desired. i'm serious, i could see myself in this every.single.day.

oh and tucker is apparently the next designer for the target go campaign (a campaign i am frequently a huge fan of ... online). however i'm thinking this dress relies heavily on quality of fabric which will sadly be missing from the aforementioned campaign.

14 April 2010

a must, an absolute must.

these must be mine. and the sooner the better. from maison sauvage via oh joy!.

wedding wednesday inspired by : a feather save the date

so um, yeah. the feather save the date is a recent winner of my favorite thing ever. wrapped in a test tube and shipped in a kraft paper box ... smiles. the invite wasn't too shabby either ... box filled with moss, invite stiched to fabric and attached to wood. so what else would befit such and event besides a tree house, antlers and a flowy dress?

{image, image, flowy pretty dress, tree house, shoes, ring}

13 April 2010

we used to have an ocean.

but now we have a garden, and mas says we can get chickens, and i even have a bee keeping lesson on the horizon. our walls are still not painted, but we've been spending so much time out of doors i *almost* haven't noticed (my studio is painted crisp white and i have twinkle lights in here so that too helps). north carolina, you are starting to feel a bit like home.

12 April 2010


i've been in the market for a new pair of sailing shoes for a while now, and with the summer practically here already my time frame just moved to imminent. good thing topsiders are all the rage these days ...

what happened to the days when these uber-preppy shoes were reserved for southern boys wearing red chinos and polo shirts with the collars popped?

{first pair, second}

08 April 2010

i could fly away in these.

and be completely happy for a very long time.

{miu miu sparrow pumps (in a 38 please) here}

06 April 2010

food worth traveling for.

so in case you hadn't figured it out by now my food loyalties run strong. i think it is genetic. anyway i have a little tip for any and all of you living in or traveling to asheville, nc ... go to the admiral. apparently this little wonder of a restaurant has been open for just over two years now but i only happened upon it last night (one must love moms who know that daughters & sons-in-law are fond of food adventures). mas went so far as to say that it was very nearly as good as flatbread ... and you guys that is HUGE. flatbread has a special place in our hearts, duh, but their food is phenomenal so when you can get mas to compare anything to said restaurant, well dears, you know that the food they serve is worth traveling for. i have a feeling that mas will be making it on more of my asheville trips in the future.

on our agenda for today, 12 bones, and oh yeah, vampire weekend, oof i love mini vacations!

05 April 2010

sneez and wheeze.

this spring thing is shit. our porch table is covered in pollen, our cars are covered in pollen, our grass is covered in pollen, every little surface inside our house is covered in pollen (we had the windows open). we tried escaping to the coast for an evening, but that was negated by our biking to yoga the next day. dear spring, can you be done spewing your yellow dust please?