05 April 2010

sneez and wheeze.

this spring thing is shit. our porch table is covered in pollen, our cars are covered in pollen, our grass is covered in pollen, every little surface inside our house is covered in pollen (we had the windows open). we tried escaping to the coast for an evening, but that was negated by our biking to yoga the next day. dear spring, can you be done spewing your yellow dust please?


  1. we are covered in pollen too! my normally dark blue vehicle has been transformed to a bright green! the stairs up to our condo are covered and you can see our footprints! i can not wait until it rains later this week and for it to wash it all away!!!

  2. I hear you, sister. I keep thinking that if my sinuses would fall out of my head like they want to, I wouldn't feel so woozy. GO AWAY, tree semen.

  3. we got in our car last weekend and had to turn on the wipers to clean the pollen off the windshield.