28 October 2011

james & tilla waters.

apparently i like grey, and white and a bit of bright.  also ... circles.

{james & tilla waters ceramics}

27 October 2011


a piece of the tarantula nebula taken by the hubble.  i can't stop looking at it.

12 October 2011

it's obvious.

i need this bag.

{kate spade's spring line via pinterest, of course}

11 October 2011


i cannot believe that it looked this nice.  it is beyond unrepresentative of the filth we have been scrubbing away for the past couple of months.  i guess that is why we bought the place?  the grime was so well hidden?  we're getting there guys, we are getting there!  i'll post some in between photos in the morning.  my computer is quickly dying and i've left my charger at work.  BOOOOO.

10 October 2011

whoopie pie war.

did you know there was one?  i didn't.  i mean, i've been a fan of the little cake sandwiches since i can remember, but i never knew two states were attempting to claim them as their own.   apparently pennsylvania and maine are duking it out over the title "creator of whoopee pies."  to which i must reply ... pennsylvania, who are you kidding?  i had never even heard of a PA pie until this past weekend.  so give it up, the mainers deserve the credit for this one.

{images from whoopsies whoopie pies, a local fave that you can find here on saturdays}

06 October 2011

my plates.

you guys, this shopping for the house thing is FUN.  it changes things when you are considering staying in the same spot for more than 18 months.  we can kind of consider getting rid of our ikea and cb2 plates and exchange them for nice ones, like these - the ones we registered for and got none of, which is better, they would most likely be dust after that last move of ours.  and i'm kind of digging the gold flatware, because wouldn't it be fancy on our wood dining table?  yeah i think so too.

ps - can you believe it is THURSDAY already?  where did the week go?