06 October 2011

my plates.

you guys, this shopping for the house thing is FUN.  it changes things when you are considering staying in the same spot for more than 18 months.  we can kind of consider getting rid of our ikea and cb2 plates and exchange them for nice ones, like these - the ones we registered for and got none of, which is better, they would most likely be dust after that last move of ours.  and i'm kind of digging the gold flatware, because wouldn't it be fancy on our wood dining table?  yeah i think so too.

ps - can you believe it is THURSDAY already?  where did the week go?


  1. i just stumbled on your blog today, from a link at Heart of Light. i also just purchased vintage gold flatware from eBay, HUGE SUCCESS! I'm super excited about it, and I think you should go for it to