11 October 2011


i cannot believe that it looked this nice.  it is beyond unrepresentative of the filth we have been scrubbing away for the past couple of months.  i guess that is why we bought the place?  the grime was so well hidden?  we're getting there guys, we are getting there!  i'll post some in between photos in the morning.  my computer is quickly dying and i've left my charger at work.  BOOOOO.


  1. dim lighting hides so much. The place we're currently living in had what I thought was black grouting on the tiles in the kitchen. It wasn't grout.

    Congratulations on the renos it must be super exciting to have a place you can make your own!

  2. ooooooh yay! can't wait to see more. xxo

  3. @liz US TOO! we really did think the grout on the floor was super dark. turns out ... notsomuch ... barf.