24 January 2013

January Things

January started with an epic trip south, way south, to Key West.  I lost my favorite jeans, two sweaters and a mostly empty bottle of perfume.  It was something like 10 days, no two spent in the same hotel, it's a miracle that's all I lost.  It was also something like a million hours locked in a car with two dogs and a husband.  It could not have been better.

Now I'm back in DC.  After a most crazy weekend (hello Mr. President) the roads have been cleared of the scariest of metal fences and the people have all retreated to, hopefully, warmer weather.  We got a dusting of snow last night that Anna has been romping around in all morning and Frances has been avoiding.  I've been wearing my snow boots that I hastily ordered last year from J.Crew because they were just too good to pass up.  Turns out, while they may be cute, they aren't exactly warm.  I think I'll be tossing them and going with ye faithful Sorels for the rest of the winter.

I've been juicing a bit, and slowly, trying to take animal products out of our diets.  Not like 100%, I love me some meat sandwiches (hello new cheesesteak place that I cannot get enough of) and will eat macaroni and cheese until it comes oozing out of my pores, but you know, when at home and for most of the time.  It's time to up my veggie intake, like for real, and for ever.

Anna was spayed and de-dew clawed.  She came home and was totally passed out for three days.  It was terribly sad.  Especially when she would wake up just to cry.  That really happened.  IT WAS SO SAD.  She's totally on the mend now and has been approved for exercise despite those pesky (and disgusting) stitches in her back legs.  They come out Monday.  

Sometimes Frances will leave the confines of the bed and beg me to take her out-of-doors for a walk.  Three blocks later she's so beyond done I've got to pick her up.  Then we go back home, she lazes in the sun for a while, and two hours later begs to try again.  Always the same results.  Maybe once it's more than twenty eight degrees outside we'll have better luck with an actual walk.

January will be over soon and then we're on to February, which in DC I think means spring, I kid ... kind of.  I think this year I will miss it, I think this year, January might have been exactly what I needed.