29 September 2009

guest post : chelsea

Hello! This is Chelsea from Frolic! I am thrilled to be on Christine's blog today, as I just love her eye for all things pretty. I am spending a few months near Stockholm right now and one of my favorite things to do is just sit on a bench in the middle of the city and observe the clothing! Here are a few of my favorite Stockholm Street Style shots.

The sartorialist

Scarves seem like such a European fashion staple. I just love the big chunky ones. {Stockholm, The Sartorialist}

Malmo styleclicker

Striped shirts are everywhere! Usually worn baggy, off the shoulder, and with a tank peeking out. {Mälmo, Sweden, Style Clicker}

Styllclicker stockholm

As the weather has gotten cooler, I've noticed lots of cozy capes! {Stockholm, Style Clicker}

Thanks for having me today! Come visit, Frolic! if you'd like to.

- Chelsea

25 September 2009


well it has been, um, a CRAZY week and i could really use another day or two. but i don't have them, and do have a plane to catch in the morning. however in between now and the monday after next i have lined up a few things for the blog ... so check back at least once. it will be worth it.

also a wee announcement :

{pssst - you are all invited}

and the best news ever ... cevd is going to be a bit more than just wedding invitations in the very close future. i'll get more specific as the day nears, but it is going to be good. really really good.

24 September 2009

because i have given up on the idea of a fall...

i want some more dresses to make up for the lack of jackets. is that so wrong? and perhaps some new shoes.

{steven alan dress}

{toms shoes}

{3.1 phillip lim dress}

{coclico shoes}

ps - i can't say this post wasn't inspired by this ... and do i wish i could pull off such a look.

22 September 2009

why does the time evaporate these days?

the floor is 3/4s done, the shelves are all up, the trim is only a semi-disaster, the table is lovely, the yellow is gone, the curtain is nearly complete, i only need one or two more pieces of furniture AND THE INTERNET IS HERE.

in case you were curious, i am talking about the studio. can you believe it? you guys it is looking *so* good and so almost done... but i have wasted the past hour just being in love with my big computer screen that has been hiding in a box for the past two months and now i must finish the floor and the curtain and the samples and the cleaning. because you know what? there is an opening to be had, soon ...

{image via flickr}

18 September 2009

happy weekend

we are heading out to the ocean for the night and tomorrow (and sleeping on the boat) and then down to la to pick up some of the last touches for the studio ... for reals this time. i hope you are doing something fun too ").

{image via flickr}

17 September 2009


i'm wearing my cut off shorts for what seems like the 100th day in a row and heading to the studio with a caulk gun in my hand...

i might be back later, or then again i might be sucked in to the vat of clear coat i am using to refinish a table.

{photo via fashion156}

16 September 2009

yes, yes it went here...

you see jennie sent me pictures of her wedding because she knew of my heart shaped OBSESSION and thought i might enjoy a bit of hers. why jennie how incredibly thoughtful of you, in fact i did enjoy your hearts. but my enjoyment wasn't limited to the hearts ... the shoes, and the fact that i might be a sucker for a red cooler filled with flowers made things pretty fantastic as well.

you can see more images here.

{again all photos from our labor of love}

i think you know where this is going

more to come later today ...

{photo from our labor of love}

14 September 2009

lasercut goodness

i hate not having a daily routine because it means that half of my firefox tabs are missing (i have a series of complex internet browsing habits that you don't want me to go in to at the moment) anyway with said lacking routine has come a serious problem ... i haven't visited notcouture.com in a very long time. which is why i missed this necklace :

and this nail polish, but that is besides the point. back to the necklace ... i like it, i like it a lot. and if you like it too you can find it here.


this morning i awoke to the strangest sound i've heard in a while ... the pitter patter of rain drops on our roof. this is maybe the fourth rain i have experienced since living in california and i love it. i so miss overcast days and soggy grounds. so for the rest of the morning i am going to sip my coffee and soak it all in - while applying the clear coat to our table project and maybe some paint to the weirdest little structure in the studio. oh yes, and there will be the opening of the press ... for real, and finally!


11 September 2009

moo brew

a couple of our friends are preparing for a trip to australia and booked a night here. food and room fantasticness aside (did you check out the pavilions and the source's menu? you really should) i am falling in love with their beer. i guess i place a relatively large emphasis on label designs ... but come on don't you? they are designed by australian artist john kelly and i love them. i'm sure the beer is pretty tasty too, these folk seem to be on top of things like that.

10 September 2009

yes it is true, i'm a bad blogger

but you see the studio is SO CLOSE to being finished, and i have a few new clients that are proving themselves to be incredibly fun to work with and there was a camping trip last weekend ...

so, i will be here and there for the next week or so but after that is should be smooth sailing (actually quite literally seeing as though once i'm finally set up at the studio we are heading on a sailing vacation in la paz ... yeah i know i can hardly believe it myself).

oh and pictures. once i have my computers back in sync there will be many pictures. you guys haven't even seen owl's nest yet! that is a shame. ok, i'll hurry. until then ...

ps - there is a pretty spiffy wedding coming up next wednesday. i know, i've been quite horrible with wedding wednesdays