29 September 2009

guest post : chelsea

Hello! This is Chelsea from Frolic! I am thrilled to be on Christine's blog today, as I just love her eye for all things pretty. I am spending a few months near Stockholm right now and one of my favorite things to do is just sit on a bench in the middle of the city and observe the clothing! Here are a few of my favorite Stockholm Street Style shots.

The sartorialist

Scarves seem like such a European fashion staple. I just love the big chunky ones. {Stockholm, The Sartorialist}

Malmo styleclicker

Striped shirts are everywhere! Usually worn baggy, off the shoulder, and with a tank peeking out. {Mälmo, Sweden, Style Clicker}

Styllclicker stockholm

As the weather has gotten cooler, I've noticed lots of cozy capes! {Stockholm, Style Clicker}

Thanks for having me today! Come visit, Frolic! if you'd like to.

- Chelsea


  1. My stepbrother and sister were Swedish, and MAN were they stylish, especially when they were teenagers. I felt like a big ol American dork the first time I met them.