22 September 2009

why does the time evaporate these days?

the floor is 3/4s done, the shelves are all up, the trim is only a semi-disaster, the table is lovely, the yellow is gone, the curtain is nearly complete, i only need one or two more pieces of furniture AND THE INTERNET IS HERE.

in case you were curious, i am talking about the studio. can you believe it? you guys it is looking *so* good and so almost done... but i have wasted the past hour just being in love with my big computer screen that has been hiding in a box for the past two months and now i must finish the floor and the curtain and the samples and the cleaning. because you know what? there is an opening to be had, soon ...

{image via flickr}


  1. an opening!! how exciting. I can't wait to see photos of your space.